Wanna have fun on your way to work? Director Tim Damon recently went out to Nissan’s Arizona test track to put the new 2016 Maxima 4 Door Sports Car through its paces. The result is a short film for agency The Designory garnering thousands of views on social media.

Along For The Ride
The film highlights the 2016 Maxima equipped with a Sport shift mode, but with four doors for some desired everyday practicality. As Damon shows viewers, Nissan has kept all the punch and horsepower Maxima is known for. Damon spent the day shooting the new Maxima with a modified 2011 Porsche Cayenne Turbo that is 650 horsepower. “With an 1100 pound Russian Arm 6 on the roof and a crew of four, we need the extra horsepower to keep up with most of the vehicles we shoot,” he says. “We use different vehicles for different projects. I was happy with the decision to bring the Porsche. The Maxima’s performance is no joke. I’ve shot every kind of performance car, BMWs, Porsches, Mercedes… and with the Maxima we used all 650 horsepower to get the shots.”

“Maxima is legendary for its acceleration and ride,” adds Damon. “The film plays up the fact that driving the new Maxima in Sport Mode is a blast. Activating the Mode not only changes the shifting to manual like old Maxima models, but also changes the suspension behavior and engine programming for an amazing ride.”

Sport Mode Fun
The film prods viewers with a simple question: “Are you a driver or a passenger?” The action begins with angular slits of headlight busting through the darkness. The driver gets in, bringing the 300 horsepower engine to life with push of a button. Another press, this time of the Sport Mode button, starts the fun. Both the low profile exterior and sporty cockpit interior are highlighted, revealing rich styling details. For all the aggressive driving around a test track, the spot ends on a lighter note, with viewers hearing the chirp of an activated car alarm while the satisfied driver simply walks away.

Screenwork Credits

Client: Nissan

Agency: The Designory, Long Beach, CA
CCO Lynne Grigg, Creative Director: Carol Fukunaga, Snr Art Director: Traci Gohata, Snr Acct. Director: Jimmy Jung, Snr. Acct. Manager: Scott Fortenberry, Snr. Product Specialist: Fabio Fantone, Product Specialist: Craig Naylor, Art Producer: Carmen Lam

Production Co.: Damon Productions, Los Angeles
Director/DP Tim Damon, Executive Producer Kendra Wester

Editorial: Spot Bot
Editor: Phillip Eierund

Tim Damon is represented for commercials and digital work through Bandito Brothers in Los Angeles, 310-559-5405 and for still photography through Square Planet Media/Damon Productions. For more information contact contact Kendra Wester at 310-632-4090.