Director Tim Damon recently took time out for an ambitious test shoot that will help agencies change the way they shoot, produce and post car spots and related digital automotive branding work.

Shakedown Cruise
The only way one knew a shoot was going on this remote canyon road was the crackle of two-way radios from the police allowing the locals to come and go. Inside the backseat of a specially modified Porsche Cayenne camera car, Director Tim Damon intensely stared into a video monitor. Although the camera car was tracking a brand new Tesla tearing up the winding road, that was not the purpose of the shoot.

A Reverance For Cars
Damon chose a Tesla model for the test. “It’s a beautiful car, I’m obsessed with car color and have a great respect for car designers, says Damon. When I shoot, when we’re dealing with car colors, light direction and light source, on stage or on location, I make sure that the color is spot on. Black is black, white is white and silver is silver, but when you get beyond those colors the only way to get the perfect shot is to practice.”

Practice/Testing Makes Perfect
Damon firmly believes that when it comes to cars, testing is more important than ever. “I’m constantly striving to make our shoots more efficient, because the simpler the better,” he says. “My mantra to test, test, test was learned as a still photographer. I constantly practice with my crew to streamline the entire process and bring all the elements together. Camera car movements, custom low angle mounts, drones and radio controlled cars to track light and shadow. Agencies and clients shouldn’t be expected to foot the bill for perfecting the process.”

New Model Year
With the new model year already here, Damon continues to prep. After a busy summer shooting Acura, Nissan, Jaguar, Harman, Toyota and the highly lauded launch campaign for the Polaris Slingshot, the director is ready for anything. “Car designers keep raising the bar with regards to new styles, textures, colors,  lighting, touchscreens and other amenities,” says Damon. “I’m here to bring out the best in their product.”

About Director Tim Damon
Tim Damon is represented for commercials and digital work through Bandito Brothers in Los Angeles, 310-559-5405 and for still photography through Square Planet Media/Damon Productions. For more information contact contact Kendra Wester at 310-632-4090.