Rough Trade will screen ten short films from the documentary series “Other America” by James Coulson, Director at Nice Shoes. The films will be shown at the Brooklyn, NY store’s gallery "The Room" through the week of March 9. Among the films being screened is the latest installment in the series entitled "New Vegas,” which premieres exclusively at Rough Trade.

Other America is a bi-weekly series of 12 short films that travel across the country, choosing blue highways over state roadways, local shops over shopping malls, encountering real people over reality personas. Throughout his youth, UK-born director James Coulson dreamed of a New York forged in pop culture. Eight years after moving to the Big Apple, James set out on a road trip to delve below the surface image that first drew him to America. Along the side roads, in small towns and areas not featured in guidebooks, Coulson discovered strangers who generously and candidly related their life stories. Nowhere in the world can you travel across a country of such extremes, both in the environment and its people.

To bring the series to life, Coulson found collaborators with editors Nicole Lana and Nice Shoes' Cameron Kelly, who aided him in honing the story in each filmed interview. He also worked with the studio’s colorists Lenny Mastrandrea, Sal Malfitano and Gene Curley to grade each film, bringing out the best in the cinematic vistas he had shot, while keeping a natural look for the interviews. In crafting the aural atmosphere of the films, Coulson enlisted teams from Machine Head for original compositions and Sound Lounge for sound design and audio mixing.

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