Tekserve, the country’s premier technology service provider offering the integration of technology and creative enterprise, along with partners Avid, Gotham Sound, and Manhattan Edit Workshop, recently presented an event on “The Sound of Boardwalk Empire.” A wide range of attendees, including engineers, freelancers, and students, were treated to a program about the sound editing techniques for the hit HBO show, based in Manhattan.

Each member of the Boardwalk Empire crew explained his role in the process of creating the sound of Boardwalk Empire, covering key elements of creating an award-winning show from on-set recording to post-production mixing. This panel included Tom Fleischman, Post Production Mixer; Fred Rosenberg, Supervising Sound Editor; Frank Stettner, Production Mixer; Egor Panchenko, Playback Mixer; and Stewart Lerman, Music Recording Engineer.

"All the elements are in New York – and that is rare," noted Frank Stettner, Post Production Mixer, of the show’s sound crew. Instead of losing workflow to other locations, as is too often the case, Stettner noted that the luxury of completing the job in one location accounted for the high quality of the output. “In New York we solve our problems because we talk to each other.”

A fascinating portrait emerged of the process involved in creating sound production at its best.

Mark Chessler, Manager of Channels and Business Development at Tekserve, stated, “As Avid’s number-one Video Reseller and top Audio Reseller, we were proud to host this event with our partners, Avid, Manhattan Edit Workshop, and Gotham Sound, highlighting one more important arena where technology and creativity so effectively meet.”

For audiences interested in viewing a recording of the event, a video is available on Tekserve’s YouTube channel