Sweet Sadie was founded nearly a decade ago by Rachel Lederman to produce content for brands and agencies using a flexible model that in many ways foretold the industry of today. Hype sat down with Lederman, a producer in entertainment advertising and promotion, to find out how a love for both the business and family created something sweet.

Why did you found Sweet Sadie and what was your background prior to launching the company?

I founded Sweet Sadie in 2007 after my daughter Sadie was born. I had been working at an agency as the Director of Broadcast and I just couldn't see going back to the grind. I knew I wanted to stay in the business, but I was hoping I could stay connected and work but do it in terms that allowed me to raise my daughter. My life had changed in so many ways when Sadie came to be, so I hoped that my work could change as well. I have worked in the industry in one form or another since graduating from college. I started in production as a PA, worked my way to producer, and then I segued into the agency side of things. So I have knowledge of both sides of the coin - that is to say both agency and production. I get the full life-cycle of an idea, from ideation all the way to delivery.  Xavier Melendez is the COO and business end of the operation and comes from a big agency background. I am the creative side of things and came from a more boutique experience. We are partners in every sense of the word. Our daughter Sadie is our best work to date.

Describe the void you were aiming to fill.

We were hoping to be, for lack of better word, that “hybrid” agency/production company that really understood clients' needs, provide strategy, thought leadership, creative ideas and also the production -- but do it from an agile perspective. Be lean, be fast, be smart, and do great work.

What do you feel makes Sweet Sadie unique?

We all love pretty pictures, but if there is no strategy behind it, and no way to reach the consumer, then what are we doing? We at Sweet Sadie try to lead the creative process with combo of heart and mind. We want to deliver content that touches people and reaches people. We really try to understand the client and get in their head to truly understand what they want to say and to whom they want to talk to. We work direct with clients and we partner with agencies. Whatever the needs, we are there. As a company we sit at the crossroads of ideas and action. We make work we are proud to share.

Where do you see the industry headed in terms of creative models and approach to advertising?

Someone once said to me, the tree that doesn't bend, breaks. We are constantly looking at new technology and ideas to see what would be the best way to leverage it for our clients.  The business is moving so quickly and there are so many ways to communicate that we have to be open and welcoming to the changes that are heading our way. It’s amazingly helpful to have people around you who have great ideas and know how to get it done and have it be seen. That will ever go away. That said, as an industry we have to look for partners who can help in a way that best fits our project needs.  Whether it's a small agency that has successfully helped big agencies deliver large, highly engaging campaigns, or a big agency that partners with a production company to ideate and execute -- this is the time to collaborate and look to each other for the right match.

What are some of the projects of which you are the most proud? 

With Biotrue we were able to partner with Digital Pulp to make these amazing multi-channel spots. We wrote, cast, directed, produced, and saw them through delivery. It's a very successful campaign that has moved the needle for the client, connecting to audiences with funny and relatable situations.  https://vimeo.com/158416045 | https://vimeo.com/158416019 | https://vimeo.com/156899431 |  https://vimeo.com/158416072 | https://vimeo.com/160056257 | https://vimeo.com/160056321 | https://vimeo.com/160056288

George Clooney for Esquire. Do I need to say more? A tremendous human being that makes everything look effortless: http://sweetsadie.com/portfolio/george-clooney-for-esquire/

We collaborated with Wyclef Jean on this music video for the Electric Company. http://sweetsadie.com/portfolio/the-electric-company-wyclef/

We’ve also worked with numerous Broadway productions, from The Lion King to Mary Poppins, to The Rockettes, on promotional pieces that capture the energy of live performance and the magic of New York’s world renown theater scene.

What should we consider moving forward?

It is really important to see the value in creative. Great ideas are worth something and leveraging them is worth something too. So we need to share, and to think collaboratively, but also realize that we are bringing together something special to build a successful campaign.