In honor of Bausch & Lomb’s 5th annual Biotrue Challenge, digital agency Digital Pulp partnered with creative concept and production studio Sweet Sadie to bring “Biotruths” to life with humor and originality. Biotrue delivers keep you from experiencing a “Biotruth moment” -- comically awkward moments that can occur when contact lenses tire before you do.

Sweet Sadie, a hybrid company that originates and executes ideas, concepted the video series, tapping into its vast network to find the right directing voice in Stephen Pearson. Improv actors were cast to inhabit narratives targeting Millennials’ media-focused lifestyle. From binge watching, to being addicted to your phone, to gaming like a rockstar (instead of working), the Biotruth campaign features sometimes painful realities that can take a uncomfortably funny turn with tired, dry eyes. Four digital content films in the series have launched, and are featured on social and on demand channels.

“Relatable situational humor – that, oh I so know that moment -  is at the heart of this campaign, deftly performed by improv actors and directed with aplomb by Stephen Pearson,” comments Sweet Sadie CD/EP Rachel Lederman. “The Biotruth campaign is about perfect partnerships – Digital Pulp’s strategic, interactive marketing acumen paired with our agency/production hybrid model to produce brand-enhancing creative. All for an enthusiastic and collaborative client, Bausch + Lomb.”

A second installment of the digital content films will launch in the summer.

Sweet Sadie is known for drawing upon experience in advertising and entertainment to develop broadcast quality media for the digital age. Sweet Sadie is a partner from concept through the delivery of groundbreaking and strategic communications for advertising clients in automotive, lifestyle, fashion, food and beverage brands, and more.

The studio also collaborates with network and theatrical clients for promotional campaigns and experiences. Part agency, part production company, Sweet Sadie is full service. From the first meeting to the final version, its  hands-on, client-first philosophy means a thorough, thoughtful and enthusiastic creative partner.

Sweet Sadie: We sweeten every project we touch. Every step of the way.