Superseed Content has signed award-winning documentary director Erik Shirai. The announcement was made by Superseed Executive Producer Pola Brown. The director recently won "Special Jury Mention for the Best Documentary Director" at The Tribeca Film Festival for “The Birth of Sake,” a look at the 2,000 year old endangered art and science of making rice wine by hand. The film also won “Best Feature Documentary” at this year’s Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Visceral Culture
“Erik’s documentary ‘Birth of Sake’ shows an amazing prowess for directing lifestyle," says Brown. “His work is innately visceral, which lends itself to many products and branding campaigns. Many companies would benefit from Erik’s iconic approach.” For his part, Shirai says he wants to explore lifestyle campaigns that feature humans imparting their knowledge and sacrifice to making a superior product. “I like branding that highlights artisans and their craft, be it building cars or baking bread,” says Shirai, who previously worked as a cameraman on Anthony Bordain’s travel and food show No Reservations. “My objective is always to portray the true essence of the subject.”

Shirai modestly describes himself as a Japanese American, born and raised in the US with current residence in Brooklyn. He began working on film sets as a lighting technician, patiently working his work up to becoming a cinematographer. He never attended film school or college, but spent his formative years immersed in painting and photography. “I learn from working with my peers on films sets andsurround myself with people I respect,” he says. To further highlight his filmmaking prowess, Shirai put together EYE WHAT YOU EAT, a series that shows off popular culinary techniques. ‘I wanted people to see food in an entirely different way,” says Shirai. “A visceral experience, much like the movie THE REVENANT.” EYE WHAT YOU EAT consists of eight 2:30 episodes titled DEEP FRY, BRAISE, BAKE, SAUTE, PASTA, GRILL, STOCK and PREP & CHOP.

Having mastered both close-up and documentary filmmaking, Shirai has set his sights next on chronicling the dark. A SHOT IN THE DARK is a new documentary that explores the night in America. “I’m fascinated by the absence of light,” says Shirai. “Night occupies the same geographic space, but light’s absence dramatically alters what is familiar to us. Night is something that visits us daily, wherever you are.”

SUPERSEED CONTENT is headquartered in Santa Monica, California. The company is represented by Daria Zeliger on the East Coast/Southeast, Laurel Dobose in the Midwest and Pola Brown on the West Coast. For more information contact Pola Brown at 323-528-2755 or go to