Superseed Directors Jonas + Kelly just spoofed the horror film classic POLTERGEIST to draw attention to the remake released this summer by 20th Century Fox. The short film entitled, “How To Avoid A Poultrygeist” features a terrified family of chickens as they faithfully recreate memorable scenes from one of the most iconic films in the genre. It has already garnered thousands of views on YouTube and can be seen here. In addition to digital content, Kelly Girth and Jonas Mayabb are probably best known for their quirky and highly original commercial work that includes spots for Sirius XM Radio, Bayer, Poontang energy drink and YAZ.

Feature Film Content
Jonas + Kelly have recently been busy creating digital content for feature films. In addition to “Poultrygeist,” the duo have worked on:

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes  (short video)

The Heat  (Vines - digital shorts with Legos)

Unfinished Business (stop motion digital shorts about office equipment having sex together).

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