Sugar Film Production director Chris Smith continues to raise the bar in comedic athlete performances in the latest campaign for H-E-B out of The Richards Group. Starring players from the San Antonio Spurs, the four-spot campaign shows that the latest championship ring does not weigh down the stars of the Texas team. The campaign includes the :30 “Toga,” which features an unimpressed Tim Duncan returning from a workout to find Tony Parker, Patty MIlls, Kawhi Leonard and Manu Ginobili decked out in homemade togas to fully immerse themselves in their enjoyment of H-E-B’s new greek yogurt.  The campaign also includes the :30s “Wise,” “Slogans” and “Barbie.”  Always showcasing refreshingly natural and funny performances, the lighthearted H-E-B work offers unique insight into the esteemed squad’s own brand of teamwork, with a lineup of self-depreciating humor that plays on the athletes’ individual idiosyncrasies.

Click HERE to view “Toga,” HERE or below to view “Wise,” and HERE to view “Barbie.”

Chris Smith has directed the always-anticipated H-E-B/Spurs campaigns with The Richards Group for nearly a decade. Tasked with crafting the four spots and confined by a fast-paced shoot schedule, Smith brought on a highly experienced and seasoned crew that was able to deftly work as elite production athletes throughout the shoot. Even with their fifth NBA championship under their belt, the Spurs players continue to not take themselves too seriously and arrived on set eager to dive headfirst into the custom-tailored comedy. Notes Smith, “Working with these guys, you can really tell what makes them world champions. Their ability to go into a huddle, takes notes and run with them—while adding their own individual flavor—makes them a lot of fun to work with each year.”

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