STS-GRIOT will now be known as TERRITORY. The name change comes on the cusp of the opening of an expanded office space. Owner, Terry King said, "We are looking forward to the opening of the second floor. We were tight on space a number of times the last couple of years, so we are thrilled about the expansion.” The additional space will include among other offerings, a new conference area, a new graphics suite and an additional online suite.

Partner, Sarah Fisher stated, "This is a very exciting time for us. We have greatly evolved as a company over the last two years and rebranding the company under the TERRITORY nameplate makes sense."

Why the name change? “We wanted to simplify our identity,” said King. “We had to take into consideration the equity and reputation surrounding STS-GRIOT, not only in Detroit, but around the country. Eventually concluding that we need to better convey who we are to our current and future clients.” Fisher added, “Now that we have expanded services, capabilities and space, we needed a more unified identity as a whole.”

In addition, TERRITORY will have dedicated representation with the addition of Anna Versaci and Mike Hartman. Both Anna and Mike are well known locally with each having expanded responsibilities nationally.

STS Marketing LLC (DBA “TERRITORY”) is a minority owned enterprise that will continue to focus on the creation of commercial and interactive content while looking to expand its creative services into various other content media.

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