ACSIL and Thriving Archives have teamed up again to conduct the ACSIL Global Survey of Stock Footage Companies 3 (AGS3). Like their two previous collaborations, the AGS3 will explore and assess overall business conditions within the stock footage industry, discover how things are getting done, track evolving trends and provide strategic, action-oriented data to footage industry leaders. All footage companies worldwide are invited to participate.

"The ACSIL Global Survey of Stock Footage Companies provides the most comprehensive market sizing and assessment of the footage industry," said Clara Fon-Sing, ACSIL co-President. "We have seen the market evolve since the last survey in 2011 and are looking forward to new data and insights on market trends, disruptions and other developments. We are expecting a strong participation from global stock footage leaders in order to have the most accurate snapshot of the state of the industry today."

"The footage industry is undergoing radical change," said Matthew White, Executive Director of ACSIL. "A new generation of creatives are challenging the business assumption of Licensors, and a new generation of media entrepreneurs are moving the business forward in unanticipated ways. This survey update could not come at a better time, as investors look to an exponential growth in the market for digital moving imagery."

The 50 question survey is being conducted online. It is open now and will be open through October 31, 2014. To ensure that all proprietary information remains completely confidential, the survey collects no identifying information on respondents.

"The entire footage industry benefits from access to this collective data, and the more companies that participate, the more accurate and useful the final report will be," said David Seevers of Thriving Archives. "We are hoping that all footage leaders will contribute their expertise to this important work. We know everyone is very busy, so we've made every effort to limit the questions to just those that are essential. As a result, we've shortened the questionnaire by 35% and made the questions as easy to answer as possible."

Participants who complete the online survey will be eligible to receive a complimentary summary report of the results and a 50% discount on the purchase of the final report.

Anyone interested in taking the survey should go to and use the AGS3 link on the homepage.

ACSIL and Thriving Archives worked together in 2007 to produce the original ACSIL Global Survey of Stock Footage Companies, the first publicly available study of the stock footage industry, and again in 2011 to produce the ACSIL Global Survey of Stock Footage Companies 2. Both publications have been widely used and highly valued by business leaders both inside and outside the footage industry.

Published in 2011, the AGS2 revealed a footage industry that, while still emerging from the Great Recession, was more or less stable, with digital technology driving shifts in the management, presentation and delivery of footage to the end-user and footage companies becoming more productive. That said, general confidence in the future of the footage business was low, with only 19% of respondents confident that the stock footage industry was in solid shape and that its long-term prospects were favorable. Like its predecessor, the AGS3 was well received by industry stakeholders and we are excited to delve back into this fast-evolving industry. If you are interested in seeing a table of contents for the AGS3, please click here to download a PDF version. We're always happy to talk about the report, so please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.

The Association of Commercial Stock Image Licensors (ACSIL) is a not-for-profit trade association representing the interests of the stock footage community. Our members are the world's leading providers of stock and archival footage. ACSIL members represent and license high quality clips and unique deep content. We service traditional markets such as advertising, film, television and home entertainment while also working with a full spectrum of non-traditional, new and reinventing markets like; book publishing, museums, educational vendors, video gaming, internet apps and beyond. Since its inception in 2003, ACSIL has focused on developing a professional network for its stock footage library members as well as negotiating benefits on our members' behalf. ACSIL sponsors multiple stock footage based initiatives including; gathering data on the global stock footage market, forming a Code of Practices committee to lead discussions about new licensing paradigms and monitoring shifts in domestic and international copyright law. ACSIL also reaches out to meet the needs of the production community. We sponsor events, host panel discussions and present seminars on a wide range of footage industry subjects. Whether it's sharing best practices for footage research or talks about licensing and rights clearances, ACSIL is there to support the production community. If you are interested in having ACSIL speak to you group or organization, please contact us so we can make the necessary arrangements.

About Thriving Archives
Thriving Archives works with footage companies to develop and execute marketing and business development strategies. Thriving Archives also produces market research reports on the global footage licensing industry and partners with companies providing services to the stock footage industry. In partnership with ACSIL, Thriving Archives produced the ACSIL Global Survey of Stock Footage Companies 2007, a comprehensive review of the stock footage industry, as well as the ACSIL Global Survey of Stock Footage Companies 2. In 2009, Thriving Archives publisher the Footage Customer Survey: Non-Fiction USA, an in-depth study of the attitudes and perceptions of footage customers from the documentary film/non-fiction program making community in the United States.