SpectraCal, Inc. announced today a tight collaboration with ASSIMILATE to provide integrated 3D LUT calibration support for ASSIMILATE’s SCRATCH® and SCRATCH Lab ® digital workflow tools. This method ensures the color calibrations are reference level for any content viewed through the SCRATCH application and greatly reduces the cost of maintaining a calibrated system. The process for the user is entirely automated -- a click of a button accomplishes all the necessary calibration processes.

This new plug-in provides corrective 3D LUT capabilities from SpectraCal’s CalMAN display-calibration software that allows users to color-calibrate all video output from the SCRATCH software.

Stacey Spears, who has recently joined SpectraCal as Chief Color Scientist, is the primary author of the SCRATCH plug-in. Spears is widely recognized in the industry for his color science work with Spears & Munsil, creators of the HD Benchmark pattern disc.

“The purpose of the new plug-in is to ensure all video content viewed from SCRATCH meets industry standards for color accuracy,” Spears said.

In previous use, color calibration for professional monitors required an expensive pattern generator to ensure reference-level video output during the calibration process. The new and innovative CalMAN plug-in enables significant cost savings and ease of use by using output directly from within SCRATCH itself to generate the necessary color swatches.

“One of the things SCRATCH artists love the most is how open, flexible and extensible the software is,” said Steve Bannerman, ASSIMILATE’s VP of Marketing. “This new CalMAN plug-in is a perfect example of that flexibility. The plug-in eliminates a huge barrier-to-entry for SCRATCH or SCRATCH Lab professionals who need monitor calibration. Our artists now have an incredibly cost-effective, easy-to-use tool that delivers best-in-class color accuracy.”

To create a corrective 3D LUT with the new CalMAN Plug-In users, will need a supported version of CalMAN 5 software as a supported light-measurement device, or meter.

During the calibration process, the meter reads luminance and chromaticity values of the pattern swatches generated from SCRATCH. These measurements are then used by the CalMAN application to generate three-dimensional correction data specific to the monitor’s unique output characteristics. This data is consolidated into a 3D LUT file that is then uploaded into SCRATCH.

The new plug-in for ASSIMILATE SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab is available with several CalMAN 5 software products, including CalMAN Studio Express, CalMAN Studio Lite and CalMAN Studio. These versions are all available for purchase immediately and range in price from $295 to $1595, with complete software/hardware bundles starting at $495.

Limited-Time Offer for Month of December
As a launch promotion through the month of December, artists can purchase one of these CalMAN products bundled with a one-year license of SCRATCH for only $3,000  (retail price $5,800). In addition, anyone who purchases the bundle will receive a free X-Rite OEM i1Display colorimeter to complete their calibration toolkit. The bundle is available through the Assimilate store:  store.assimilateinc.com.

Additional information about the SCRATCH plug-in and CalMAN launch promotion is available at www.spectracal.com/scratch.

ASSIMILATE® is the premier provider of digital workflow and post-production tools that have proven essential to the successful creation of thousands of studio and independent features, television shows, music videos and corporate video productions. The company’s SCRATCH products, running on Windows and OS X, are the heartbeat of today’s most demanding digital post-production and dailies workflows for 2D and stereo 3D productions. www.assimilateinc.com

About SpectraCal
SpectraCal is the worldwide leader in image fidelity solutions. SpectraCal provides everything needed for calibrating video displays in broadcast, production, post-production, commercial A/V, home theater, and industry. SpectraCal’s flagship product CalMAN is the mostly widely used video calibration software in the world. For pricing and sales information please visit www.spectracal.com.