Simian, the industry leader in evolutionary collaboration and media management solutions, today released Simian Infusion for Adobe Premiere Pro® which enables users to export videos directly into Simian from the editor. The plug-in seamlessly integrates with Premiere for a streamlined user experience.

Simian Infusion simplifies review and approval by eliminating time-consuming steps during the post production process such as exporting, transcoding and uploading video. Editors can easily export rough cuts from Premiere and upload them into a Simian project without ever leaving the interface. When users export with Infusion, they can select a project, folder, title, description and add tags all from the plug-in.  All files are automatically encoded and uploaded with optimal web and mobile playback.

“We are excited to release Infusion for Adobe Premiere Pro as our first plug-in offering in our new Infusion toolset. Infusion will give our clients faster and more efficient methods of directly integrating Simian into their daily workflows,” said Jay Brooks, co-founder and CTO of Simian.

Infusion for Adobe Premiere Pro is currently a free download for all Simian users. The download is available on the Simian website at

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