In the just published first installment of a series of Sponsored Entertainment & Advertising Technology features, SHOOT delves into digital workflow solutions, placing the spotlight on five pioneering companies, including Simian. In this feature, SHOOT connects with leaders who tell their stories of how their tools are helping to define today’s constantly evolving digital workflow.

The feature titled "Workflow in the Digital Age" was published on October 17, 2014 across SHOOT's digital and print platforms including SHOOT Magazine, SHOOTonline and The SHOOT >e.dition.  Simian COO Brian Atton was interviewed for the article.

Here is an excerpt from the SHOOT feature about Simian...

Partners Brian Atton and Jay Brooks headed up Volta, a web/software agency and were hired by a top Los Angeles modeling agency to create a tool to send digital presentations. “That was really the first iteration of Simian,” says COO Atton. Simian made a leap into the entertainment space when the PR company for Anonymous Content hired them to build a website. “During the process of building the website, we were asked to build a reel creator, which was nothing more than page builder for sending spots,” says Atton. “They were looking for an alternative to their expensive solution and they thought they could do better.” What Anonymous Content got was a product that allowed them to easily build and send reels themselves – and to do it affordably.

Other creative companies took note of Anonymous Content’s website and began contacting Atton and Brooks for web development services. “Working with these companies, we learned what they needed,” says Atton. “We spent days in production companies, studying their workflow. We thought there was a lot of room for improvement, and we really did our groundwork before we launched Simian.” Since then, Simian has worked with companies, including Craft NY (a production services unit within McCann), Aero Film, DirecTV, Venables Bell & Partners, and

After launching with presentation reels, Simian next added client review & approval and asset management. Next, the company added the ability to create micro-sites. “Microsite creation is a very popular feature,” Atton says. “This allows users to customize and tailor a presentation or pitch.” The micro-site feature has a multitude of uses, adds Atton. “It’s a digital presentation tool that really allows you to create a slick mini-website in minutes, rather than having to hire a developer who takes weeks and costs thousands of dollars.”

Simian has just released Version 3.0, which will make the workflow faster and simpler. “We’ve redesigned the interface and we’ve simplified the process to manage and build sales reels,” says Atton. “We’ve made it easier to collaborate with clients on projects as well as review & approval.” Existing Simian users will get an upgrade.

Another tool Simian released was a mobile app, Simian Go. “It allows users to get the full functionality of building and creating sales reels, in the palm of their hands,” says Atton “You no longer have to be tied to a computer. A salesperson can do his work at the airport. As long as you’ve got an iPhone, you can build a reel, send it out and check the analytics.” Atton reveals that Simian will soon release the same mobile power for review & approval. “We’ll be launching a projects app by the first of the year that will allow anyone to set up a project and send files for review & approval,” says Atton. “We’re also in the process of launching a reels app that lets you present reels offline.”

The advantage inherent in Simian’s solutions comes down to cost savings as well as efficiencies. “We see a lot of companies, especially in review and approval, that have their own in-house systems,” reports Atton. “And when they bring in freelancers, they have to spend so much time getting them up to speed and working out kinks in their system that they need to call the IT guy. We are the IT people. With cloud-based solutions like Simian, you can just pick it up.” 

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ABOUT Simian
Born from a team of veteran software developers with hundreds of industry-leading websites and applications to their credit, Simian designs each and every solution based on client feedback. By consistently working with industry leaders to improve the way media are created, managed and ultimately, presented, Simian’s ever-evolving solutions have revolutionized the way companies work and present their work. Simian’s innovations let its clients share, collaborate, review and approve like never before--anytime and anywhere. In addition to being the most robust media management solution available, Simian was the first to offer enhancements like comprehensive API and website/application integration options plus, analytics, packaged reels, custom microsites and Simian Go! the first fully functional mobile media sharing App for iOS 7--all of which are now considered industry standards.

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