Simian, the industry leader in evolutionary collaboration and media sharing solutions announces the release of the latest version of its groundbreaking Real Time Video Encoder (RTVE)™,  the RTVE2™. The Simian RTVE saves users time by automating encoding and optimization on the user’s local computer, thereby eliminating the need to upload uncompressed video to Simian. With the RTVE2, Simian has not only enhanced the existing features, they have also added a few new options.

“By increasing efficiency and further reducing encoding complexity, we’ve enhanced the existing RTVE for our clients who prepare video for the web. In addition, this release also acts as a precursor to our upcoming ‘free for all' release that’s designed to benefit everyone, including non-Simian users …so stay tuned”, says Simian Co-Founder & CTO, Jay Brooks.

The RTVE2 offers two new features. The first, Save to Desktop enables users to simultaneously encode a video and save it to their local computer. The second, Proxy File Creation instantly generates a viewable proxy file from an uploaded source file. The source file can also be downloaded from Simian. RTVE2 enhancements now enable users to export larger files up to 1080p with improved video encoding and audio quality, no matter the file size, plus additional support for more video formats and improved session handling for larger files.

Next up for Simian is a FREE stand alone video encoding tool designed for the public at large, making it possible for anyone to easily upload and encode optimized video to the web—Simian user or not.

“There’s still a lot of mystery and confusion on how to properly encode video for the web. Simian is going to eliminate that confusion by simplifying the process with a drag & drop app”, says Simian Co-Founder Brian Atton.

The Simian Real Time Video Encoder 2 (RTVE2)™ is a FREE download available on the Simian website at

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