SHOOT announced today that it will publish the third in a series of Entertainment and Advertising Technology Sponsored Features on March 27, 2015 across all SHOOT digital and print platforms.  Following up on the success of the first two installments on October 17, 2014 and January 30, 2015, the third installment is titled "4K & Beyond."

The March 20th "4K & Beyond" Sponsored Feature...
UltraHd 4K is here.  In 2014, feature films were acquired with 4K cameras, and the test UHD broadcasts have begun.  At NAB, manufacturers will be showing not just a multitude of 4K cameras, but infrastructure and systems for complete UHD production and post.  With Japan resolutely heading towards 8K broadcast, we know that the evolution of imagery won't stop at 4K.  We're already hearing that drumbeat with 6K cameras, HDR (High Dynamic Range) and wider gamut.  SHOOT takes a deep dive - beyond the hype - to find out what's real and what's really happening in 4K and beyond. SHOOT will be working with freelance entertainment technology editor Debra Kaufman again for this feature and looks forward  to working with another great group of companies for the March feature. 

Become a Sponsor of the March 27th Feature...
Included with sponsorship is participation in the feature and a high-profile marketing package consisting of digital and print advertising and promotion that complements and brings tremendous added exposure to both the article and the sponsoring companies.  SHOOT seeks sponsors who are leaders in the field, including camera manufacturers, rental houses, post facilities, providers of digital work solutions/collaboration tools - software, hardware and cloud services and consultants. 

With workflow such a crucial component of successful operations for everyone in the entertainment and advertising industries, it's critical for Production, Post and Visual Effects Companies, Movie Studios, TV Networks, Ad Agencies and Brands to fully understand "4K and Beyond" and choose the right equipment, services and toolsets for their needs.  Because SHOOT's audience includes executives and artisans involved in all of these segments of commercial and entertainment production and postproduction, Sponsors have the ideal opportunity to promote their companies, services and products to a great cross-section of potential clients.  The Sponsored feature and marketing package created especially for it will enable sponsoring companies to share information about their services, equipment and software solutions persuasively with the production & postproduction creative community. 

Join us as a Sponsor to show why you are a leader in the field.  An executive (owner, partner, president, CEO, COO, managing director, CTO or other senior executive) from each of the participating companies will be interviewed about about his/her company, services or product offerings and customer base. 
The following information will be seamlessly worked into the feature article...
►  Participant’s name, title, head shot and logo.
►  Primary business and customer base
►  Company description
►  Description of services or products.
►  Example/examples of how services or products have been best deployed by clients.
The telephone interviews will be conducted and feature will be written by Debra Kaufman, a freelance editor in the field of entertainment technology whose articles have been in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wired, ReutersBloomberg Business News as well as many leading entertainment industry trade publications.  SHOOT Publisher, Roberta Griefer, explained that "The idea behind the sponsored feature is first and foremost to publish an authoritative article that will be informative to our audience while providing sponsors with high-profile digital and print promotion that brings attention to their companies."  SHOOT will heavily promote the feature to bring more exposure to it and will provide sponsors with print and banner advertising to bring extra visibility to each company.  Sponsorship provides sponsors with a strong marketing push at a very reasonable cost.  If purchased separately, the marketing elements that are included in the package would cost more than twice the special package rate. 
SHOOT has timed the sponsored feature so that it will appear in the March 27th Issue that will include one of SHOOT's hugely popular Directors & Cinematographers section and will have bonus distribution at NAB.

The Workflow Marketing Package has 7 great Elements...

#1. Participation in the "4K and Beyond" Sponsored Content Feature

#2 Print Ad in Print Issue (& PDF version) of SHOOT Magazine's 3/27 Issue

Choice of 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, Full Page or Spread 4C Ad.
Click Here for SHOOT Magazine Print Ad sizes & specs.

#3. 300x250 Banner space on for 4 weeks from 3/27-4/26

File formats accepted:  JPEG, GIF, Animated GIF, Flash or HTML5   
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#4. 180x150 banner space on two SHOOT>e.dition email newsletters on  3/27 &
special directors/cinematographers>e.dition on 3/30 -AND- on two SHOOT Dailies email newsletters on 3/27 & 3/30

#5.  A PDF of the sponsored content feature for your promotional use

#6. 25  copies of the March 27th Issue

#7   SHOOT Publicity Wire Release
        SHOOT will create & publish a free publicity release on The SPW for each sponsoring
        company that will have excerpt from the feature about their company.  The release
        will have link to sponsor's site and to the full feature.  In addition to being posted on
        the SPW, headline of release will appear in 3 email newsletters (SHOOT>e.dition, Brand
        New[s] and the SHOOT Dailies).  When readers click on headline, they will be linked to your
        release.  Click Here to visit the SHOOT Publicity Wire Home Page on SHOOTonline.

The Sponsored Content Feature & Marketing Package Cost
The Package Rate includes editorial participation and all promotion outlined above in points #1-7.  If the components of this package were purchased separately, the cost would  be  more than double the package rate.  And, of  course, the editorial exposure is priceless.
Package with 1/2 Page 4C Print Ad: $3,500.
Package with 2/3 Page 4C Print Ad: $4,000.
Package with 3/4 Page 4C Print Ad: $4,500.
Package with Full Page 4C Print Ad: $5,000. 
Package with 2-Page Spread 4C Print Ad: $9,000.
Distribution: Feature will be distributed to over 100,000 in the following formats...
Subscribers will receive SHOOT Magazine’s March 27th Print Issue. 10,000
Readers of PDF version of the issue that will be posted on SHOOTonline to view or download.  A live link to your website will be embed in the PDF version of your Ad.   3,000
Unique visitors per month to SHOOTonline. Digital version of feature will go live 3/27.  40,000
Opt-in subscribers to SHOOT>e.dition email newsletter. Headline and abstract of feature will appear on the 3/27 SHOOT>e.dition.  When readers click, they will be linked to the full feature on SHOOTonline.  28,000
Followers to SHOOT’s Facebook and Twitter pages 5,000
Opt-in subscribers to Brand New[s] email newsletter.  4/1 Brand New[s] will have Headline and abstract of SHOOT Publicity Wire release for each sponsor with link to feature and to sponsor's site. Release will go live on The SHOOT Publicity Wire on 3/27. 18,000
Opt-in subscribers to SHOOT Dailies email newsletter. Headline and abstract of feature will appear on 3/27 SHOOT Dailies; when readers click, they will be linked to the full feature on SHOOTonline. 3,000

Bonus Distribution of 3/27 Issue: NAB

  TOTAL 109,000

SHOOT's digital and print platforms provide a highly targeted audience of commercial and entertainment production & postproduction decision-makers, including...

►  Production/post executives at production/post/VFX/animation/music/sound cos.
Owners, Presidents, Managing Directors, General Managers, Producers, Exec Producers, Heads of Postproduction, etc.

►  Artisans involved in commercials, documentaries, feature film, independent film, television, video

Independent filmmakers, directors, cinematographers, editors, colorists, compositors, VFX supervisors, VFX artists, animation artists, composers, sound designers, mixers, etc.

►  Production/post executives at movie studios, broadcast/cable/online networks

Presidents, VPs, Heads of Production, Heads of Postproduction, production execs, marketing execs.

►  Advertising Agency Production & Creative Executives
Presidents, Chief Creative Officers, Heads of Production, Heads of Digital Production, Exec VP, Sr. VP, VP levels of producers & creative directors, art directors, business mgrs.

►  Production/Brand execs at major brands
CMO, Brand Manager, Production execs.

Important Sponsored Feature & Marketing Package Deadlines

March 13 - Confirm Sponsorship
March 17 - Hi Res 300dpi head shot & product shot and Logo in eps format due
March 20 Print Ad PDF file due
March 25- 180x150 SHOOT>e.dition/Dailies banner & 300x250 SHOOTonline banner due

See PDFs of the January 30, 2015 and October 17, 2014 Sponsored Features...

►  Jan. 30, 2015 Feature Sponsored by: EC3, FotoKem, MTI Film & Prime Focus Technologies/ DAX

Surveying New Workflows; Expanding The Power & Creativity of Production & Post - this is version that appeared in SHOOT Magazine Print Issue and in PDF version of issue
Click Here to see digital version that appeared online and in epubs.

►  Oct. 17, 2014 Feature Sponsored by: Arc 9, ARRI Rental, Company 3, Shotgun and Simian
Workflow in the Digital Age; New Tools & Services  - this is version that appeared in SHOOT Magazine Print Issue and in PDF version of issue
Click Here to see digital version that appeared online and in epubs

See examples of the Publicity Releases SHOOT creates for each Sponsor:
(appeared on The SHOOT Publicity Wire and all SHOOT ePubs.)

Click Here for ARRI Rental release
Click Here for Company 3 release
Click Here for Shotgun release

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