When selected to help Science Channel promote its week-long, fan-favorite “Are We Alone?” programming block, 2C Creative faced an interesting challenge: how to find a fresh, playful approach without discounting the science behind the search. Answer? The creative agency combined humor, 3D artistry and a punchy, fast-paced voiceover that has a little fun with the aliens. “Laugh it up, ET!” Watch the spot below or here: http://2c.tv/home/design/are-we-alone-week.  

“Approaching this project, we wanted to embrace the unique voice the Science marketing team is developing for the channel… one that brings humor and fun to viewers while celebrating the advancements and discoveries that have us closer than ever to proving alien existence,” explained 2C Creative Director, Brian Eloe.

To accomplish what was a truly ambitious project in a short time period, 2C had to find the right kind of elements to tell the story. Eloe started by tapping writer/producer Jim McNulty to write a campy, swagger-filled script that set the tone for the primary 30-second spot. The concept was then brought to life under the design direction of Luis Martinez, who integrated a host of special effects in rigging and animating the spot’s 3D characters—an astronaut and two aliens, one of which was covered in fur. Visual techniques involved rigid body dynamics, fluid simulations, particle simulations and hair dynamics, and among the tools used were Cinema 4D, Turbulence FD, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Trapcode Particular, Optical Flares and Element 3D. 

In the end, 2C delivered 30- and 15-second versions of the spot, as well as in-programming message, lower third tune-in and custom animated bug.

“2C did a phenomenal job reinventing one of our longest running programming stunts,” said Matt Laster, Science Channel’s Supervising Producer. “The concept was catchy and immediately our favorite, but what amazed us was the amount of design and detailed animation they produced under such a tight deadline. That would not have been possible with a less talented team. 2C was a real pleasure to work with.”

Science Channel’s “Are We Alone?” week airs March 2-6, 2015.

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