You should know Erwin Fraterman. Born in the Netherlands, and educated at the University of Applied Sciences in Enschede, Holland, Fraterman emigrated to the United States to pursue the editing career he began at school. As an intern and then assistant at jumP’s LA office, he worked with every editor at jumP over a 4 year period. He relates that “Every single editor I assisted had his own style and I tried to learn as much as I could from every individual. I learned to not overthink every step. To just feel it and cut with my heart.”

As an editor, Fraterman concentrates on the unique experience. “The thing I really like to focus on is captivating the watcher.” He brings that focus to bear on campaigns like Team One’s Lexus RC F Coupe and mcgarrybowen’s Mondelez International. “I want the watcher to feel something. Something they’ll remember.” Recently, Fraterman cut together the promotional video for YouTube’s #DearMe campaign, as popular female YouTube bloggers recorded themselves talking to their younger selves, in honor of International Women’s Day. #DearMe is something Fraterman was incredibly proud to be a part of and admits “It was really cool seeing my #DearMe video on Good Morning America, and a lot of other news websites.” Another favored experience was with director Zackary Canepari on a Plan International campaign where "more than 7000 young people have spoken out about the everyday injustices and threats of sexual violence they face.”

Being an editor is something he has wanted since he was a kid, as Executive Producer at jumP LA Betsy Beale puts it, it shows in his work. "The fact that Erwin is living his dream comes through in everything he does. His passion and excitement for the work is contagious, everyone feels it, clients and co-workers. He is dedicated to excellence in all aspects of his work.” This passion for excellence is what drives Erwin Fraterman to be his best, and to create a unique visual experience that draws the audience in, giving them something to remember. Fraterman is a special kind of editor, and as he is just hitting his stride, it will be exciting to watch his achievements as they come.

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Credits Include 
Plan International “Hear our Voices”- Zachary Canepari
Lexus RC F Coupe “No Limits”- Tim Richardson
Mondelez International “The Power of Big and Small”- Theresa Wingert
India Hockey League- D!GBY
YouTube “#DearMe”- Scott Chan
Mazda “Celebration”- Marcus Ubungen

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