Adrianna Merlucci can accredit her can-do attitude to being “100% made in New York.” She came to jumP with a multifaceted creative background and an eagerness to tell a story. “My passion has always been in offline creative editorial and I wanted to pursue what I had been building towards since the age of 16- I wanted a career more than a job.” Starting out as a Smoke assistant before being taken under the wing of jumP editor/co-owner Luis Moreno, Merlucci was able to translate what she learned under his tutelage into her own passions. “It was extremely fortuitous for me because I have truly found a mentor in Luis. I see his successes and model my aspirations to them.”

In every job, Merlucci broadens the world of visual storytelling. From the slight timing details in Michael B. Chait’s Bud Light spot, to the intertwining narratives in the Ford Focus “Chase” ad directed by Kevin McKiernan, Merlucci applies herself to harmonizing the small details to the end product. “I love that my brain and my hands are the last piece to assemble the product before sending it out into the world. Commercials and stories that initially lead you down one path but jerk the wheel to lead you down an unanticipated path is what drives me.” 

Merlucci has built notoriously easy rapport with directors and clients. “She understands that the relationship between client and editor is very complicated and is willing to go the extra mile to make projects as smooth as possible.” Moreno states. “ She can speak well about the work in order to discern what the client or director needs.”

Not wanting to get pigeonholed into one genre, Merlucci has sought out diversity in her editorial portfolio, working with such brands as Garmin, Smashburger, Vint & York and Oscar Mayer. She easily navigates these terrains by trusting herself and bringing the heart of the work to light. “She is fearless in any circumstance, and a great problem solver,” Moreno says. “It’s been great to see her confidence grow as she has become more experienced. She trusts her instincts more heartily, which is what editors ultimately need to do. She’s a natural filmmaker. The craft comes easily to her and it will be fun to watch her career grow.”

A soccer enthusiast, Merlucci is a Founding Member of the Third Rail for NYCFC and will be traveling with her niece to Canada this summer for the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Credits Include:

Oscar Mayer “Bro History” and “Original Workouts”- Ben Callner

Bud Light “B.U.D.D." - Michael B. Chait

Ford Focus “Chase” - Kevin McKiernan

Vint & York "James" - Dave Brickley

Smashburger “Smash”- Theresa Wingert

Garmin “The Edge”- Andreas Hafele

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