The Screen Actors Guild Foundation has released its 2014 promo following its debut at the 20th Annual SAG Awards®. The entertaining teaser features an all-star cast of SAG Foundation supporters including Jake Gyllenhaal; Kerry Washington and the cast of ‘Scandal’; John Goodman; Chiwetel Ejiofor; Bruce Dern; David Morrissey; Lizzy Caplan; Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher, Terry Crews and the cast of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’; Mindy Kaling and cast members of ‘The Mindy Project’; SAG Life Achievement Recipient Rita Moreno; SAG Foundation Board Member Ron Perlman; and SAG Foundation President JoBeth Williams.

All of the featured actors generously donated their time to help spotlight the philanthropic work of the SAG Foundation. As John Goodman explains, “The SAG Foundation was founded…to help performers with life’s unscripted moments and to give back to our communities.”

The 2014 promo encourages SAG-AFTRA performers to utilize the SAG Foundation’s free programs as well as contribute their support. “If you need help, it’s here for you,” offers Lizzy Caplan. “And if you can help, please give," Bruce Dern urges.

The 2014 promo will screen at more than 300 SAG Foundation events in Los Angeles and New York City in the coming year. The promo can also be viewed on the SAG Foundation’s YouTube Channel (, TRT 1 minute and 43 seconds.  Please watch and share 2014 promo

About the Screen Actors Guild Foundation
The Screen Actors Guild Foundation provides vital assistance and educational programming to the professionals of SAG-AFTRA while serving the public at large through its signature children’s literacy programs. Founded in 1985, the SAG Foundation is a national non-profit organization, independent from SAG-AFTRA, and relies solely on support from grants, corporate sponsorships, and individual contributions to maintain its programs and create new ones. For more information, visit Follow the SAG Foundation on Twitter (, Facebook (, YouTube ( and Instagram (