For noted artist management professional, Sherry Riad of RIAD Represents, photography and the creative pros behind the lens are playing ever-increasing roles in the production of ads that are not print focused. Often they are contributing their talents to productions that are ultimately design, animation, live action, viral/social, environmental and retail focused. To highlight this, RIAD Represents has unveiled a new showreel, designed by award-winning production/design house, the STUDIO, that showcases not only the talented photographers the company represents, but also the myriad of ways their work is used in today’s ad campaigns.

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“The role of photography is constantly changing in advertising,” Riad says. “It’s not just about print ads or billboards anymore. The breadth of what we are creating now is much more than that, and I expect 2015 will be a year that will expand our capabilities even further.”

Opening with a simple title card that asks the question “What can you do with photography?” the answer unfolds in an elegantly edited 2-minute montage (featuring original music from Found Objects, New York) that showcases not just the work of RIAD’s talented roster of photographers, but also places the work in the context of the larger ad campaign it supported.

“Today, photography lives in social, viral, experiential, environmental, web content, as well as traditional print,” Riad notes, “and agencies are turning to photographers for not just photography but content.”  

RIAD Represents photographers/directors Michele Asselin, Thierry Des Fontaines, Troy House, Shaniqwa Jarvis, Keena, Michael Prince, Joe Windsor-Williams, Bil Zelman and design/animation house the STUDIO.

About RIAD Represents
Riad Represents was founded with an independent spirit and a simple objective: work with the best talent and clients, stay on budget, tell amazing stories, and have fun doing it. We’re a collective of conceptualists, dreamers, do-gooders, talented troublemakers and occasional workaholics, passionate about our work and our clients. Born from the desire to do things differently, RIAD Represents morphs perfectly with client needs, helping tell their story cost-effectively without sacrificing an ounce of creative magic. We believe in relationships, and most importantly, we believe in creating outstanding work from start to incredibly epic finish.

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