Looking to offer its advertising agency clients access to leading conceptually creative photographers/directors, RIAD Represents, the artist management agency led by Sherry Riad, has broadened its roster of talent with the addition of award-winning photographer/director Romain Laurent. The French-born, NYC-based talent is perhaps best known for his wonderfully weird and quirky campaigns for Reebok and Hermes, to name just a few.

In addition, RIAD has added Stephanie Leonard as its new sales representative, responsible for new business development of the company’s roster of talent, which includes photographer/directors Michele Asselin, Thierry Des Fontaines, Troy House, Shaniqwa Jarvis, Keena, Michael Prince, Joe Windsor- Williams, Bil Zelman and creativedesign/animation house the STUDIO. Prior to joining RIAD, Leonard was an agent at several leading artist management agencies.

“I’ve always been a fan of Romain’s work,” Riad says. “His process is so articulate with each project. He’s a bit of a purist, wanting to achieve as much as he can in camera, so the final results feel so natural yet conceptual, leading viewers to do a double take.”

Riad adds, “Stephanie’s work ethic is incredible. She is an amazing agent and I am proud to have her on the RIAD team. Her presence has made us a stronger company and allowed us to expand our roster and our reach.”

Reebok, Hermes And GIF Series
Laurent's unique vision can be seen in his print and broadcast work for Reebok’s line of Ventilator sneakers in which the shoe is humorously depicted as so powerful it literally emits a huge rush of air like that of a jet engine; as well as his Hermès "Man on the move" TV spot in which one man’s wardrobe and his environment are inexorably linked in the most mind-blowing way. Other standout work includes projects for Lacoste, Nissan, VW, Google, Hilton and GQ.

“Sherry is passionate about photography and arts in general and about what she wants to accomplish professionally,” Laurent notes. “Her drive and willingness to push the envelope make her great partner that offers a unique perspective on my body of work and pushes me creatively and as a collaborator.”

An extreme skier, adventure seeker and winner the Young Gun X award from the Art Directors Club, Laurent has won thousands of social media fans thanks to his personal gif series, which Riad says, can make a room full of seen-it-all ad pros laugh out loud.

Laurent says the GIF series started as an attempt to try to recapture the creative energy and “carelessness about the consequences” he felt in art school and early in his career.

“I wanted to create something fun without creative guidelines and see what comes out of it," Laurent says. "That’s often when I create my best work. At the time I was really into gifs that were part still photograph, part looped video, I started creating my own, just goofing around, and my followers on social media reacted well to it.”

About RIAD Represents
Founded by Sherry Riad in 2011, RIAD Represents is an artist management agency, representing an eclectic roster of award winning artists. Currently representing Michele Asselin, Thierry Des Fontaines, Troy House, Shaniqwa Jarvis, Keena, Michael Prince, Joe Windsor- Williams, Bil Zelman and the STUDIO. www.riadrepresents.com