Reenactment Stock Footage, the world's first and most-expansive historical re-enactment and recreation stock footage library, announced today a number of upgraded and expanded collections of intense and cinematic HD military and historical stock footage.  These collections include everything from the American Revolution to 1920s Gangsters -- all exclusive, newly-shot HD recreations with intensely accurate costumes, props, special effects and period actors.

Producers and researchers are able to browse and license this footage which is now part of the organization's rapidly expanding library of exclusive and intense royalty-free historical re-enactment stock footage.  From intimate historical character vignettes to epic large scale battles -- all of the historical collections are shot with expert and cinematic composition, lighting, and timing.  Some of these battles include more than 15,000 authentic re-enactors, cannons and hundreds of cavalry.  The upcoming feature film “Field of Lost Shoes” will include  some of these large-scale battle scenes which were critical in completing the film on time and on budget.

Already, 2014 is expected to be the busiest year yet for the company; with the organization adding more than 200 hours of brand new and exclusive HD footage of the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the American Civil War, California Gold Rush, “The Gangs of New York”, Western Outlaws and Lawmen, 1920s Gangsters as well as graphic and emotional recreations of the Vietnam War to their extensive and exclusive library.   All of this footage has been shot within the past year.

"Everything you need to tell your story can be at your fingertips," claims Kevin R. Hershberger, historian and documentary filmmaker who owns and manages Reenactment Stock Footage.

"We place the greatest events and some of the most important moments of history within reach for anyone at almost any budget.”

With broadcast and independent filmmaking budgets ever tightening, the organization is poised to be able to offer incredible production-value to meet the needs and budgets of a wide variety of clients around the World.  "Anyone can afford compelling HD footage from us," adds Hershberger.

"Our ever-expanding library ensures that clients can rely on us time and again for a diverse selection of both military and non-military historical content," adds Hershberger. "Our clients range from broadcast networks like History, Discovery, Smithsonian and National Geographic to projects for PBS.  Our client list has expanded to also include national commercial spots, independent and studio feature films, and documentaries in North America and throughout Europe."

One feature that Reenactment Stock Footage offers -- that sets it apart from perhaps all other stock footage suppliers -- is that if a client needs specific historical footage not currently on hand, award-winning historical filmmaker Hershberger and his team are able to shoot the HD footage to order, completely turn-key, and supply it for almost the same cost as if licensing footage currently in inventory.   A vastly more manageable, cheaper and more authentic and accurate option than blindly staging a shoot themselves.  “We have 2000 historical costume and uniform pieces in our warehouse along with weapons, props and access to scores of historical locations -- all ready to march into history!” adds Hershberger.

Sample reels of required footage are created and provided on request, free of charge, to showcase the nearly four-hundred years of footage that is available. The sales and research staff - comprised of highly qualified historians and advisors - is always available on the phone and by e-mail 24/7 to help with all new content requests.  “Reenactment Stock Footage truly makes history new again.”

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Reenactment Stock Footage offers customers and clients -- including documentary filmmakers, television producers, educators, independents or anyone with an interest in military video footage, historically-rich new HD video from a vast collection spanning American and World-wide historical events from 1607 Jamestown to the Vietnam War.