PTSD (Hexogen Pictures), a film that explores a serious condition that consumes the lives of so many military veterans, won top honors this month at the Chelsea Film Festival (CFF). CFF is an international film festival, enlightening the work of emerging filmmakers, producers and actors.

PTSD was created on a shoestring budget, but it thrived on an outpouring of heart and soul. First screening in October at the festival, PTSD has received positive feedback from numerous vets.

“It’s an honor to receive the Grand Prix award at the Chelsea Film Festival,” said film director Cedric Godin. “Working on this film was a tremendous journey. The subject was complex to approach as it is such a sensitive one.”

PTSD stars Jason Lopez as a young American veteran who has trouble adjusting to civilian life after he returns home from Iraq. As he spirals deeper into depression, he realizes that something is affecting his grasp on reality and searches for the courage to begin his journey back to life.

"It was important that we told the real story of PTSD—the raw, gritty, tortuous side that many of us choose to turn away from," says Lopez, winner of the CFF Best Actor Award. "We are trying to spread awareness and create some action around this important issue."

Lopez, who grew up in Miami with a Cuban mother and Puerto Rican father, is also connected to K9 Companions, an organization that helps veterans readjust to civilian life by pairing them with trained dogs. K9 teams are expected to cross-promote the movie and attend the theatrical release.

As winner of CFF’s Grand Prix, PTSD was awarded a one-day theatrical release on Nov. 9 at national theater-chain Bow Tie Cinemas.

See the movie trailer here:

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