The Lee Group (TLG), a full-service advertising agency based in Houston, tapped into Post Asylum’s unique suite of creative services to produce TV and radio spots for their client, CHI St. Luke’s Health. The two TV spots for the new CHI St. Luke’s Health “Imagine” brand campaign feature an elegant animated “current” flowing in and through various live action scenes filmed by Chicago based Director, Kerry Shaw Brown, working with Venice based LA.B Film.

CHI St. Luke’s Health is a part of Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI)—one of the nation’s largest health systems and is comprised of six facilities, including CHI St. Luke’s Health–Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center, home to the Texas Heart® Institute. During pre-production, the Post Asylum Design/VFX Team explored different design treatments to settle on the best way for the CG “current” to convey this unique collaboration among some of the country’s brightest medical minds. Ultimately, PA Lead Animator, Alex Prudic-Dennis, honed in on the perfect combination of texture, color, lighting and flowing movement for the “current” animation.

PA Senior Producer, Amy Aitken and VFX Artist, Michael “Pants” Sands supervised production on location in Houston to insure all the live action scenes were framed and choreographed with Prudic-Dennis' CG “current” in mind.  “Shooting in a working hospital with real surgeons, doctors and technicians, meant we had to be flexible and get it right the first time,” said Aitken. “We ended up shooting several scenes with foreground talent over green, based on room availability limitations.”

PA’s Michael Fleetwood was selected to handle the creative editorial. “Fleetwood is the perfect editor for this type of project,” notes Executive Producer, Graham Hagood. “He’s a top notch creative cutter with several award winning feature films to his credit, but he also has serious compositing and finish skills. His rough comps are so good, the agency doesn’t have to use their imagination to approve the off-line edits.”

After an extensive music search, TLG settled on a library track from PA’s sister company, Pure Evil Music. PE Music Senior Composer, Gary Parks, then customized the track to sync perfectly with the spots. “This has been an area of major growth for us,” comments Parks. “Agencies love having the option to license a track from our on-line PE Music library that we can go back into and post-score specifically for their spot.”

TLG Creative Director, Alan Babb, concluded, “For visual effects driven spots like these, we love working with one high-end shop that can handle it all. Post Asylum took the project from animation design and previz, to VFX supervision – then through editorial, an awesome post-scored music track and all the way to finish. It’s a seamless process that yielded better spots for our client. We couldn't be happier with the results."