Popcorn Filmes, Tatiana Quintella’s production company, has just consummated an international partnership with Salado, one of the biggest advertising film production companies in Latin America. From now on, the production company will offer to the agencies in the market the repertoire of seven new directors coming from Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Santiago, Chile. The Argentines Ariel Guntern, Cali Ameglio, Frederico Vidal, and Matias Ameglio, the Swedish Mauri Chifflet, the Uruguayan Michael Abt, and the Chilean Brian Luco Peña are the new names completing Popcorn’s Brazilian team, which will also be represented by Salado.

The new partnership will reinforce the production company’s structure and combine the expertise of advertising companies and content production companies, which will result in the joint production of advertising films, TV shows and entertainment-directed projects.

“This partnership will be an important move for our expansion. We will build a relationship of successful experiences with Brazilian directors in the foreign market and vice-versa,” Tatiana Quintella, from Popcorn Filmes, states.

Both Popcorn and Salado will be able to count on both companies’ structure. The services include cast, locations, licenses, design and construction of the site, contracting equipment, post-production, professionals and technicians from Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Puerto Rico, and Brazil.

“To me, this agreement is as if we were reencountering Brazil. I still remember the impact I felt when I met the Brazilian creativity when I started directing advertising films. Somehow, this is like going back to what made me love this profession. And doing it through Popcorn is the ideal combination. In times of great dynamism, with an activity that is constantly changing and innovating, I consider that the alliance between Popcorn and Salado, two production companies with the same perspective, will offer our clients a creative and innovative result, in addition to great versatility supported by a continental production platform (the whole South America),” Cali Ameglio, Salado’s managing partner, states.

With solid actions in advertising, Salado is currently responsible for producing films that stand out due to their artistic quality. Since 1994, the headquarters has accumulated several awards won at Cannes, FIAP, The New York Festivals, Latin America’s Eye, Clio, among others. In its portfolio, there are works for major automakers, such as Volkswagen, Toyota, Ford, and Mercedes Benz, and companies such as Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, and Bayer.                                      

In addition to the seven new names represented by Popcorn, the production company’s casting is completed by the renowned Brazilian directors: Jacques Dequeker, Rodrigo Rebouças, Caio Cobra, Juliana Correia, Alexandre Dequeker, Tavinho Costa, Richard Luiz, and Lecuk.

Popcorn directors’ full profiles and portfolios at the website: http://popcornfilmes.com.br/diretores/

About Popcorn Filmes
Popcorn Filmes was organized in 2014 and is led by Tatiana Quintella, the producer behind great projects such as the feature films Serra PeladaA Mulher Invisível [Invisible Woman]; O Homem do Futuro [Future Man], among other TV shows and projects, in addition to the implementation of the Polo Cultural Cinematográfico de Paulínia [Paulínia’s Film Industry]. The production company currently has a casting of renowned directors, such as: Jacques Dequeker, Rodrigo Rebouças, Caio Cobra, Juliana Correia, Alexandre Dequeker, Tavinho Costa, Richard Luiz, and Lecuk. Popcorn is already producing its first advertising works and already counts on major closed projects, the feature films E.A.SCarlos, o Homem Perfeito [Carlos, the Perfect Man], and O Reencontro [The Reunion].  http://popcornfilmes.com.br