Using a split-screen technique to tell the story, PICROW’s The Hall tells two poignant tales of quality healthcare for children found at Nemour’s Health System. Nemours has clinics and hospitals in Delaware, Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Both spots, titled “Kids + Nemours Doc” and “Kids + Nemours Nurse” highlight the Nemours mission to provide leadership, institutions, and services to restore and improve the health of children through care and programs not readily available, with one universal high standard of quality and distinction.

In “Kids + Nemours Doc”, a split screen of a doctor going about his day parallels images of a young boy doing the same. Both get up, have something to drink, brush their teeth, then one goes to work while another goes to school. Both meet up at Nemours so the boy can receive treatment.

In “Kids + Nemours Nurse”, the same split technique is utilized, this time with a nurse and little girl. They both go through their paces, both are shown doing caring, nurturing and curious things. At spot’s end the nurse and the girl come together to hug. Both spots conclude with “Nemours. Your child. Our promise.”

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