PICROW’S The Hall just completed three spots (for agency White + Partners) and Washington Metro that wakes people up to the possibilities represented D.C.’s newest Silver Line route.

Each of the three spots, respectively titled, “Family Time”, “Cat Time” and “Work Time” get people excited about the Silver Line.

In “Cat Time”, the voiceover introduces us to John, a terminally single man who lives with his cat. With the Silver Line, John’s dating pool will double, allowing John to soon meet that special someone.

In “Family Time” we meet the Andersons, petrified of traffic around the D.C. area. Things will change with Silver Line, now they’ll be able to leave the house and live it up.

For “Work Time”, we meet Donna, a newly minted college graduate doing mundane administrative work for a boss who calls her Dana. Now with Silver Line, she’ll have access and transportation to thousands of new job possibilities.

Each of the spots was shot on location at PICROW in Hollywood.

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