PICROW Director Peter Lang recently traveled to Ann Arbor, Michigan to chronicle the breakthroughs-in-the-making of the University of Michigan Health System. His resulting short film and TV spots, titled “Now Is Our Time,” take viewers on an incredible journey featuring patients, doctors, nurses and technicians united against cancer, heart disease, depression, Alzheimer’s and an array of today’s most pressing medical issues.

“We Need Victors”
Lang prepped for the shoot by spending weeks with doctors, patients and hospital staff, and by touring labs, rehab facilities, patient homes and more to get an understanding of some of the complex research found throughout the University of Michigan Health System. This continued through the pre-production phase, filtering through hundreds of possibilities to get the best examples to film. With the coordination of many UMHS departments, many inspired shoot days followed, resulting in both thousands of still photos to be used for an extensive print campaign and an abundance of motion picture footage for a fundraising film and :30/:60 commercial spots for fundraising and brand awareness. All the materials will be used to highlight the University’s medical breakthroughs and the success stories that have resulted from them.

“Now Is Our Time” —  Short Film
It begins with inspiring music and an equally inspired voiceover proclaiming, “Now Is Our Time.” Rather than talk in generalities, the short film goes for the emotional jugular. “We’re almost there with a solution to heart rhythm disorders; we’re this close to creating personalized prostate cancer treatments; we’re on the brink of unlocking the mysteries of Alzheimer’s.” As part of the one billion dollar fundraising campaign, the film illustrates that with the participation of donors, UMHS can accelerate these discoveries, and transform patient care now and into the future.

The Edit
From off-line to color to final conform, post production was handled by PICROW. Senior PICROW editor Gregory Nussbaum had the tough task of narrowing down so many wonderful moments of Lang footage into a tight film, and even tighter 60s & 30s. 

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