Out of the Blue owner and colorist Micah Kirz made the lights shine bright in an eye-catching commercial for the Rockettes’ new show “Heart and Lights.” Premiering at Radio City Music Hall in March 2014, “Heart and Lights” will celebrate the passion andenergy of the Big Apple. To help drive buzz around the show, Radio City Music Hall wanted to develop a video that highlighted the action and excitement of its hometown.
“Working on this promo, I was able to take one of the brightest and most vibrant cities in the world and make it shine even brighter for everyone watching to enjoy,” said Kirz.
Using BMD DaVinci Resolve, Kirz was able to showcase the sparkle and radiance associated with the Rockettes. The result was a video that quickly grabs the attention of any viewer, whether seeing it on the big screen at Radio City Music Hall or Madison Square Garden or on their own television.