Humanaut ( has been named the lead creative agency for Organic Valley following a year-long marketing collaboration. The farmer owned cooperative recently announced a remarkable milestone: the world’s first billion-dollar organic-food company.
Humanaut won the business after showing Organic Valley what it could do for its Organic Fuel protein shakes. Now the shop will handle all creative campaigns including a branding campaign and work for Organic Fuel and Organic Balance.
Humanaut created “Save the Bros,” a campaign that educated people about the dangers bros face when pounding protein drinks containing synthetic chemicals, junk ingredients, and milk protein produced using potentially toxic pesticides, antibiotics and artificial hormones. The long-form videos asked viewers to help a bro they know, with a new organic, milk-based protein shake, Or-ganic Fuel.  
“Save the Bros” was a viral hit that infiltrated—and lampooned—bro culture through online social sharing. The tongue-in-cheek video directed people to a website where they could learn more about the benefits of Organic Fuel and receive a Buy-One-Bro-One coupon for a free product to share with a bro in need of clean protein. “Save the Bros” T-shirts, gym bags and yoga mats were also available for those who wanted to support of the cause. The campaign quickly resulted in over 12 million video views, over 100,000 social shares and 200+ million possible PR impressions.
Humanaut’s follow up campaign was equally impressive, and Organic Fuel became the top-selling organic milk protein shake in the country in 2015. Organic Valley reached $1 billion in sales on December 22, 2015, according to Organic Authority.
“We’re incredibly lucky to be partnering with such a mission driven cooperative of organic family farmers,” said David Littlejohn, Humanaut co-founder and chief creative director. “You just can’t beat doing great work for a client that’s doing a lot of good in the world.”
About Humanaut
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