It’s that time of year again…Oink Ink Radio, a boutique agency specializing in the creation and production of award winning radio commercials, announced today it’s call for entries to its seventeenth Annual Dead Radio Contest.

Each year frustrated copywriters are invited to submit their best radio scripts that suffered heart-wrenching deaths on clients’ conference room tables. The winning script will be produced – or resuscitated – by Oink Ink free of charge, And its lucky creator will receive an expense-paid trip for two to Oink Ink’s production studios in New York City to attend the recording session.

“Every writer we’ve ever worked with seems to have those few scripts, near and dear to them, which were never approved for production,” says Oink Ink president Dan Price. “The Dead Radio Contest provides the opportunity for the best see the light of day.”

Over the years numerous Dead Radio winning spots – which were initially rejected by clients – went on to air, and in fact several have been recognized by some of the industry’s biggest award shows.  Price cites wins at Cannes and the radio Mercury Awards among them.

Last year’s Dead Radio winner was Andrew Jeske of Young & Rubicam/NY. His spot entitled “Introduction” was written for automaker Landrover.  The commercial became a Finalist in this year’s Radio Mercury Awards.

Says Jeske, “I never gave up hope that my script might somehow see the light of day. So I’m grateful to Oink for giving it a shot at reincarnation.  I guess the old saying is true: Old scripts never die, they just gather dust in a drawer for years and years until you’ve given up all hope and then someone finally recognizes your genius and the thing gets produced!”

This year's submission deadline is September 30th, 2015. Contest details and submission forms can be found on the Dead Radio Contest Website, or by contacting Colleen Danser via email or call 212-334-5800.