NYC Production & Post News announces a unique series of industry overview articles penned by CEOs, CTOs and other top management involved in film, video, and digital media production.

Michael Cioni, CEO of Light Iron, inaugurates the series with his incisive overview of the current production scene in New York. With offices in both Los Angeles and New York, Light Iron has become a pioneer in applying advanced metadata and file-based workflow techniques to top productions, helping speed on set production as well as offer new efficiencies in postproduction. Features including Ender’s Game and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo have relied on the technology. Recognized in the industry for his wide-ranging educational efforts, Michael Cioni has been a leading proponent of the latest in data management technologies to move the industry beyond its current meager use of the most advanced digital techniques.

"Individuals like Michael Cioni who have started top-performing companies, or otherwise risen to the highest levels of management, have developed special insight into our industry," says Dan Ochiva, founder and president of the site. "Hearing from Michael and the other top players on tap will highlight the crucial issues we’ll all be grappling with over the next few years.” Upcoming authors in the series will include Archimedia Technology CEO Mark Gray and SoundStreak CEO Dan Caligor.

The site will also continue to expand its pages devoted to breaking news from production facilities, rental houses, film schools and other relevant industry sources. Joe Herman, senior editor on the site, will continue his popular product reviews, while offering more extensive use of video and illustrative graphics.

Although the Internet delivers a huge amount of information about film and video production on a daily basis, it can be overwhelming, says Dan Ochiva. "Our readers rely on Joe, myself and the site’s other writers to cut through the chatter and find the information that really matters. With many decades of tracking and writing about the industry, we can tell the difference between hype and solid news, something no other website devoted to the New York region accomplishes."

“That's why NYC Production & Post News—designed to cover on a daily basis the range of production and postproduction developments in the city and region—will be a key source of information to anyone involved or just interested in this dynamic industry,” Ochiva added.