Scooter the Neutered Cat made a splash last May, racking up nearly a million views on YouTube with an ad for Ten, a movement to create a no-kill nation for cats. Created via Northlich/Cincinnati and directed by Superlounge’s Jordan Brady, the “Scooter” :30 emulated the opening sequence of a ‘70s cop show and conveyed the message that cats should be neutered. The team is back for more (or less), with “Home Kitty,” a new :30 that aired regionally during the Super Bowl and is now online.

Where “Scooter” trumpeted the cat’s street smarts, “Home Kitty” depicts Scooter in a swanky, Mad Men-style pad, and shows how much kinder and gentler cats can be once they’ve been neutered. As some of the lyrics in Scooter’s new theme song explain, “He always struts, he’s got no nuts, and that’s why he never sprays his pee.”

“Technically, I've had two vasectomies, and I've never sprayed my pee in the house,” Brady noted. “I gather it’s the same for cats.”

“My spirit animal is a neutered cat,” added Terry Dillon, Scooter’s ghostwriter. 

Sponsored by The Joanie Bernard Foundation, the new Ten movement is designed to end feline homelessness and kill shelter executions across the United States (more than 7500 felines were killed last year in Cincinnati and Indianapolis alone). The secret weapon in the Ten movement is Scooter, the neutered cat. “That’s exactly what we thought was needed in order to grab attention and ultimately change behavior,” explained Deborah Cribbs, chair of The Joanie Bernard Foundation Board.  “Hopefully, Scooter will make people want to get their cats spayed or neutered.”

“Ten is designed to give every cat an extra chance for life, love and home,” Cribbs concluded. “The ultimate goal is to create a no-kill nation.”

About Northlich/Cincinnati
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