Three directors represented for commercials by Nonfiction Unlimited based in LA contributed films to Morgan Spurlock's celebrated short-film series “We The Economy 20 Short Films You Can't Afford to Miss.” Jessica Yu wrote and directed the animated “Taxation Nation.” Barbara Kopple created “Your Tax Dollars at Work; and Steve James directed “The Value of Work,” which was featured alongside an op ed for CNN. In addition, Nonfiction Unlimited produced “Fed Hed” for director Catherine Hardwick. Landmark Theatres hosted a special, one-night-only free theatrical sneak preview event in 20 cities nationwide on October 20th. The films were are also posted online:

Jessica Yu's "Taxation Nation"

Barbara Kopple's "Your Tax Dollars At Work"

Steve James' "The Value of Work"

NF produced / Catherine Hardwicke's "Fed Head"

The series was produced by Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen's Vulcan Productions and documentarian Morgan Spurlock's Cinelan. It features shorts by 20 name directors paired with 10 top economists explaining big questions (What Is the economy? What Is money? What Is the role of our government in the economy? What Is globalization? What causes inequality?) in five to eight minutes each.

“We’re proud that so many of our talented documentary directors contributed to this breakthrough series,” said Loretta Jeneski, Partner and Executive Producer at Nonfiction Unlimited. “It’s testament to the skill and social commitment of our artists.”

About Nonfiction Unlimited
Nonfiction Unlimited was founded in 1995 by Loretta Jeneski and Michael Degan with one idea: a roster of elite documentary filmmakers supported by an innovative production staff, formed in order to take a revolutionary approach to servicing the needs of advertising agencies and clients. Whether capturing reality or presenting narrative fiction in a way that feels absolutely naturalistic, Nonfiction’s projects in every media connect with audiences in a very special way. Nonfiction’s award-winning directors have created uniquely compelling commercials, complex branding campaigns, episodic series for television and on-line, narrative features and, of course, creative documentaries.