Former skateboard phenom turned Sundance documentary director (Dogtown and Z-Boys; Bones Brigade: An Autobiography) Stacy Peralta, who also directs commercials through Nonfiction Unlimited, has released a short film about his business partner George Powell and their groundbreaking skateboard factory Powell Peralta.
The film, which can be seen HERE , “is a labor of love,” says Peralta. “It’s about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. That’s who George Powell really is. He’s an inventor and an entrepreneur, and after all these years he’s still a kid who is having fun making things.”  
Peralta revolutionized skateboarding first as an innovative pro-skateboarder and secondly in 1978 as a co-founder with George Powell of Powell Peralta, the first skate shop to sponsor skate stars like Tony Hawk, and turn skateboard graphics into a fine art. Stacy later transformed himself into an entrepreneurial commercial director, picking up his first camera to shoot “Bones Brigade” videos to promote Powell Peralta. Today, he is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and a prolific commercial director with Nonfiction Unlimited.
"So few people, including skateboarders, really have any idea of what it takes to make something as simple as a modern skateboard or even a single urethane wheel,” says Peralta. “George Powell is one of the very few skateboard builders in the world today who still manufactures his products in America under one roof just as he has always done, and I was inspired to make this short film and to share it with all of you."
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