Sergio Lopez, the founder and executive producer of New Orleans-based post production studio Storyville, has a mission: To bring advertising back to the Crescent City. Lopez has seen projects from local agencies continually leave the state for a variety of reasons, so he’s countered by making out-of-state talent available locally. Storyville has partnered with Nice Shoes to offer Remote Viewing, connecting their clients with the NYC-based studio’s colorists, visual effects artists, and creative directors in New York.

“New Orleans is special,” said Lopez. “It’s a city that has served as a creative muse for so many artists. We want the creatives at New Orleans agencies to know that, thanks to our partnership with Nice Shoes, they have the best combination of talent and technology right in their own backyard.” 

Nice Shoes, led by CEO Dominic Pandolfino, has been on a mission of their own: To expand the studio’s network of independent post production companies, collaborating remotely across the United States. Nice Shoes began offering Remote Viewing in 2010 to Boston-area clients, quickly expanding to Dallas, Miami, Detroit, and now New Orleans.

“The companies we’ve gotten involved with are all independently owned. They have a resistance to teaming up with conglomerate companies run by billionaires,” said Pandolfino. “If they’re not feeling this way, they should. We share the same values, the same apprehensions, and the same goals. That’s why I’m excited to be working with Storyville. They come from the same mold as Nice Shoes. Sergio and his team have built a wonderful space for their clients to create, and we’re proud to be partnering with them.”

Nice Shoes Remote Viewing features both a secure HD feed and a display calibrated by the studio’s engineers to match exactly with the monitors in New York. The delay between New York and New Orleans is negligible, measured in milliseconds, so the two companies can work together in real-time. A dedicated computer running Google Chromebox for Meetings connects clients and artists via an enterprise quality telepresence solution, allowing them to collaborate efficiently.

“Nice Shoes has created an opportunity for everyone, whether they’re in New York or New Orleans, to collaborate in real-time,” said Pandolfino. “Clients are saving time and money without sacrificing on the quality of creative talent. If anything, the level of talent has been raised.”

About Nice Shoes
Nice Shoes is in its eighteenth year as a leading provider of video Color Grading and Finishing/Visual Effects (VFX) services to the advertising industry. The Company has recently entered the creative services/design business and has added creative editing capabilities to provide a broader array of services in response to market demand and trends.  Nice Shoes has helped to perfect the TV commercials of nearly every household brand name in America. To learn more about Nice Shoes, please visit

About Storyville
STORYVILLE is the finest production and post production service facility in New Orleans offering full service post-production expertise and services to the film, television, advertising and public relations industries. Since 1994 it's been widely considered the most exceptional film & video company in the region. STORYVILLE began as an effort to create an experience unique to the industry…a facility that juxtaposes state-of-the-art technology with the elegance of old New Orleans.