Since establishing a partnership to offer Remote Color Grading to the Dallas market in 2013, Nice Shoes and Republic Editorial have continued to build a strong working relationship between the companies’ colorists and editors. The creative rapport that’s developed has complemented Nice Shoes’ Remote Color technology, resulting in a seamless and efficient workflow that has helped to save clients time and money. Most recently, they’ve collaborated to deliver a 10-spot, multi-language McDonald’s campaign for Moroch / iNSPIRE!

Keith James, senior editor/partner at Republic spoke about how he and Nice Shoes colorist Ron Sudul prepared for this project, “Ron and I had a brief conversation the day before the session to give him my thoughts and discuss the DP’s LUTs before we started coloring the following day. It was great to get a game plan setup before we got started, especially with the number of shots we had to get done the next day.” Sudul added, “We’ve been doing this quite a bit, so there’s an extra level of comfort between us. Keith and I were so in sync, it helped to alleviate the concerns of any clients that had not yet experienced a Remote session.”

For the English-language portion of the campaign, creatives from Moroch worked remotely from Dallas, while the director spent the morning working in person with Sudul in his suite in New York.  The DP was also able to tap in at the same time virtually off of a laptop in LA.  “Even for jobs done entirely in New York, it can be hard to get everyone in the same room at the same time,” said Nice Shoes Producer Rebecca Mitchell. “It’s great that we’re able bring everyone together remotely and streamline the approval process.”

Editor Diego Panich, who cut the Spanish-language spots, was in New York, and supervised the grading at Nice Shoes while the creative team from iNSPIRE! supervised from Republic. “Creatives were able to see work progress and participate, it felt like we were all in the same room,” said Panich. “It's fascinating how technology facilitates this collaboration without jeopardizing the quality of the job. Ron worked quickly and precisely, tweaking and finessing the color of each shot, bringing out all the footage’s potential.”

Moroch’s Senior Art Director David Soames and Art Director Elijah Farmer were impressed by the remote collaboration. “I've done several virtual transfers over the past few years and typically run into the same frustrating roadblocks,” said Farmer. “With Nice Shoes, we were able to avoid the technical issues I’ve encountered in the past, which expedited the overall process.” Farmer added, “While I couldn't tell if their shoes were nice or not -- our Skype camera never panned down -- I will say the experience was enjoyable and very collaborative.”

“Our clients love working with Nice Shoes. They see them as an extension of our regular office, and our editors have come to know them almost as co-workers,” added Republic producer Candice Yi. “It’s made our finishing process extremely smooth – which is really important for big projects like this.”

About Nice Shoes
Nice Shoes is in its eighteenth year as a leading provider of video Color Grading and Finishing/Visual Effects (VFX) services to the advertising industry. The Company has recently entered the creative services/design business and has added creative editing capabilities to provide a broader array of services in response to market demand and trends.  Nice Shoes has helped to perfect the TV commercials of nearly every household brand name in America.

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About Republic Editorial
Republic Editorial is the premier post-production emporium in the Southwest. They offer spectacular creative editorial, incredible motion graphics, and phenomenal finishing services for their clients (who are coincidentally themselves the premier advertising agencies in the Southwest).