iStreamPlanet, the leader in live, announced the availability of a new whitepaper by media industry analyst Sam Rosen of ABI Research that introduces a joint, multiscreen live video workflow from iStreamPlanet and Adobe. ABI Research’s Sam Rosen will be moderating a webinar on January 28th with iStreamPlanet and Adobe to discuss the joint workflow.

Based on the live video workflow the companies built for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games, the integrated multiscreen workflow is now available to pay TV operators, broadcasters, and content owners ready to deliver premium live streaming events and channels to connected devices.

The whitepaper cites several key areas where market leaders iStreamPlanet and Adobe have collaborated to provide an integrated workflow to seamlessly solve for acquisition, live encoding and multiscreen packaging, digital rights management (DRM), ad insertion and audience tracking.

“Adobe and iStreamPlanet are working together to integrate key client and server side technologies, including ad insertion and ad decisioning, to make it easier for our premium content customers to launch multiscreen solutions that meet viewer expectations and business requirements,” said Campbell Foster, director of product marketing at Adobe.

Teaming to Provide Best of Breed Multiscreen Solution
iStreamPlanet and Adobe together provide end to end services for launching live events and channels. iStreamPlanet provides:

►  Global content acquisition via fiber, satellite or IP

►  Live encoding and multiscreen packaging including support for Adobe Primetime DRM and server side ad insertion

►  Publishing to multiple CDNs

Adobe provides support for key workflow features including:

►  Adobe Primetime TVSDK, which enables any device to play back protected content, closed captions, and server- or client-side ads.

►  Ad decisioning

►  Analytics

“There are a number of advanced content protection, authentication and monetization features that are requirements for premium content multiscreen services,” said Jennifer Baisch, vice president of marketing at iStreamPlanet. “By teaming with Adobe we can activate these features during media processing knowing that Adobe’s client-side technology will ensure the solution works end to end, significantly reducing player and app customizations.”

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