New York/San Francisco-based content creation/production company Bodega creative director Haley Geffen and Northern Lights editor Alan Chimenti team up with NBC Sports Group and NBC Sports VP Creative Director/Director Tripp Dixon for the third season running to deliver full-throttle football excitement in the 1:50 open for NBC's Sunday Night Football (SNF).  The open, featuring Carrie Underwood and many NFL stars including Russell Wilson, Peyton Manning, LeSean McCoy and Colin Kaepernick, debuted September 7th on Sunday Night Football's Colts vs. Broncos broadcast, which was watched by nearly 24 million viewers.  The piece will continue to air throughout the NFL season.  
Click HERE to see the open and HERE for a behind-the-scenes look on set. 
Notes Tripp Dixon “This year, NBC Sports Coordinating Producer Fred Gaudelli wanted the NBC Sunday Night Football Open to be more interactive and more fun so that the NFL players, Carrie and the fans could enjoy more of a shared experience.  Whether it was Carrie getting Green Bay’s Clay Matthews to stage dive, or Seattle’s Russell Wilson firing up his fans.” 
Continues Dixon, “It was great to be able to rely on Bodega’s energy and prior experience with the SNF open, and combine that with Rodeo’s strong VFX capabilities and fresh perspective.  The most gratifying aspect of this project was less about a specific production technique or visual effect, it was how each key member of the team elevated the idea during the process.” 
Says Haley Geffen, “We took the opener out of the stadium this year, capturing way more interaction between these superstars and their fans.  The playfully interactive atmosphere on set was fun and relaxed, which translated to the screen.” 
“Our goal was to create a stylized concert.  A huge party that also carried the drama of a mega rock show fit to open SNF,” adds Bodega Head of Production Michael Flexner.
Kinetic, circular CG structures were placed on both sides of the stage where you can see Peyton Manning and others battling on the gridiron.  The images integrate seamlessly with the live-action on stage and in the crowd, further elevating the interactive atmosphere.  The CG elements are also a stylish nod to last year’s Bodega-produced open, which won a Sports Emmy® for Outstanding Production Design/Art Direction.  Given this considerable win, the bar for this year’s open was set high.  
The team’s inspired update delivers electrifying drama and superstar glitz in one large-scale, thrilling package. 
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