Sydney, Australia-based agency Pulse has launched a new TVC for Australian Natural Gas supplier, Jemena. The spot was directed by David Gaddie for The Colony, Sydney.

The spot tells the story of a lonely boy and is told from his point of view. Ignored by his busy family members on a chilly night, the boy walks out into the wind and cold where he closes his eyes and makes a wish. Magically, the power goes out in his street. He then returns to the heart of the house where his family is now gathered around Natural Gas amenities, enjoying family life together.

The concept behind the spot is that the modern world of electronic screens and appliances pulls the family apart and family members connect less than ever. Natural Gas is offered as an antidote to the electronic world as family members reunite around the warmth and comfort of Natural Gas, much as they might around an open fire.

According to director David Gaddie, the aesthetic strategy was to establish a contrast between the cold, electronic world and the latter, comforting world of Natural Gas. Gaddie’s team sought to create a sense of the “coldest day of the year”, with wind blowing a gale, frost on the ground and windows frozen over. They used soft lighting to underline this. When it came to shooting the latter part of the spot, no film lights were used at all – only candles and portable bars of gas flame – to create an authentic look and feel of natural, intimate warmth.

According to Gaddie, one of the most satisfying comments from an early viewer of the completed spot was that it made him feel he should go home and spend more time with his children.

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