CA Technologies, the global leader in enterprise software solutions, has teamed with CNN this election season for an integrated marketing campaign centered on election coverage. The effort leverages this election's heated and ever-changing landscape while highlighting the rising demand for new applications and experiences in the mobile world.

The App Culture campaign, created by John McNeil Studio (JMS)-a full-service agency and production company based in Berkeley, California-kicked off earlier this summer with three initial TV spots and continues with two recently launched spots. In "The Front Porch" the spot dives right into the issues and opinions that have become the order of the day in the American dialogue. An older gentleman declares from his porch that he "just likes things how they were," while a Millennial ready to write his own future declares he doesn't "want anyone to tell me how to live my life." However different they are, there's one thing that brings them together: the love of really great apps made and managed with the help of software from CA Technologies.

Front Porch from John McNeil Studio on Vimeo.

The second spot focuses on the incredible demand that companies must meet to succeed in the application economy. "Demand Never Dies" takes the form of a tongue-in-cheek horror movie in which developers are terrorized by hordes of zombies with an undying hunger for new features and experiences.

Demand Never Dies from John McNeil Studio on Vimeo.

The new ads air on CNN through November within election-focused programming such as the presidential and vice presidential debates and CNN shows such as The Situation Room and Anderson Cooper 360.

The campaign also leverages the CNN Politics app, a data-driven app built with CA Technologies. The customizable app, available for iPhone and Android devices, presents breaking election news, analysis and polling data and delivers data in the form of video segments, data visualizations, news alerts and other mediums. The app is featured on several CNN show segments, such as The Lead with Jake Tapper. During these segments, CA is shown on screen and viewers are invited to download the app for late-breaking content.

"With CA, we have the opportunity to go farther than just a strong collection of commercials." McNeil said. "We see this campaign, and the incredible stage that CNN's election coverage affords us, as an opportunity to show how technology is transforming the world-and, ultimately, how CA is helping to enable that.

JMS kicked off CA's "Application Economy" phrasing/positioning and "Business Rewritten by Software" tagline 18 months ago to show how apps are rewriting the rules of business and playing an increasing role in everyday life.

"Every company today, no matter what business you're in, is also a software company," explained McNeil. "CA gives these companies the tools they need to drive this transformation and build better applications and experiences for their customers.

Screenwork Credits

Client: CA Technologies

Anna Griffin SVP Corporate Marketing

Agency: John McNeil Studio

Director: John McNeil, Associate Director, Film and Editorial: Patrick Lundberg, Creative Director: Doug Green, Senior Writer: Eric Roller, Senior Art Director: Silas Reeves, Production Design Supervisor: Hannah Bar-DiChiarra, Executive Producer: Stephanie Heinsohn, Senior Producer: Kirsten Harkonen, Senior Project Manager: Darcy Novo, Sound Composition: Steven Emerson

Post Production Services: The Annex