The Napoleon Group, the leading previz, commercial test and digital content company, created a 3D product demo for a commercial promoting Arm & Hammer’s new Truly Radiant Spinbrush produced by Colangelo Synergy Marketing of Darien, CT.

The seven-second 3D product demo—the centerpiece of the 30-second spot—is clean, sleek and minimalist, a stylized representation of a toothbrush and mouth that clearly and concisely shows the benefits of using Truly Radiant. The demo vividly illustrates the “powerful dual-action head and longer all-access bristles” described in a voiceover by actress, author and TV host Alison Sweeney, who appears in the commercial.

As Colangelo Creative Director Steve Tredennick explains, Colangelo chose Napoleon to create the broadcast demo based on the quality of a previous demo Napoleon had created for the agency’s internal use.

"For over 15 years now, I’ve trusted and relied on the team at Napoleon to bring countless projects to life,” says Tredennick. “From animatics to cinematics to full up productions, the work is always first rate and they’re just great people to work with. This latest project of ours began with a simple request for a 3D demo to be used in a sales meeting. Napoleon knocked it out of the park so far that when it came time to launch the product on air with a celebrity-endorsed campaign, they were the obvious choice for making this brush look amazing in broadcast."

That long-lasting partnership—status quo with many Napoleon clients—is what fuels a truly creative collaboration.

“Napoleon’s prior experience with Colangelo put us in a great position to build this particular demo for broadcast distribution,” says Napoleon Creative Director Matt Gendron. “Our VFX team of modelers, animators and compositors meticulously assembled a beautiful, sharp scene that demonstrates the effectiveness of the Spinbrush. We enjoyed working with the Colangelo team and we’re very pleased with the final product.”

The Truly Radiant 3D product demo is representative of the ever-evolving diversity of The Napoleon Group’s products and services as well as the company’s expertise in crafting a custom solution for every client.

“It speaks to how savvy our clients have become when they see that Napoleon’s skill set goes above and beyond test commercials,” says Director of Business Development Paul Johnson. “They can rely on the same team of creatives and producers for whatever type of content they need and rest assured that Napoleon’s approach will be thoughtful and cost effective.”

The Napoleon Group
Art. Craft. Ingenuity. Those are the deliverables that distinguish The Napoleon Group and the reasons creative thinkers and innovative brands trust us to instill impact and performance in their previsualization and test advertising.

Drawing on an evolving portfolio of specialized services and styles—animatics, cinematics, live production, art, audio, 3D VFX/motion graphics—Napoleon fashions captivating experiences that spark consumer curiosity, inspire brand loyalty and fuel product sales. In short, we provide deeper consumer insights and consistently higher test scores by creating customized content that connects, compels and converts.

Founded in 1985, The Napoleon Group is a full-service previz and post-production company with a legacy of unrivaled authority and an eye firmly focused on the future. Seizing an opportunity for growth and expansion in 2013, Napoleon moved to New York's nexus of creativity and technology, the vibrant Flatiron District, and created a dream studio—a one-of-a-kind, more than 14,000-square-foot contemporary office and facility on two floors that's perfectly suited to the changing nature of the advertising business.

The new project-centric space features a 12-camera Vicon Bonita motion-capture system, a spacious green-screen stage and custom-built edit and audio suites that combine comfort with a stylish efficiency, all seamlessly tied together with state-of-the-art infrastructure. The studio boasts an open-air workspace for 40-plus animators, editors, designers, illustrators, modelers, compositors, scripters, character artists, motion-graphics artists, producers and creative directors that facilitates creative synergy among staff and clients alike and inspires our savvy storytellers to greater heights.

For industry-leading talent, a collaborative culture and a facility designed to exhilarate, agencies seeking a truly creative partnership know where to turn: The Napoleon Group.