Raleigh-based production company, Myriad Media, recently collaborated with ad agency 72andSunny and the truth® anti-tobacco campaign (thetruth.com), to create a piece of public art and a limited edition Vans shoe that celebrates and inspires the generation that will end smoking. 

The teams worked with Brooklyn-based graphic artist Kevin Lyons, to create a one-of-a-kind mural of monsters inspired by the generation that will end smoking once and for all. The artwork was then turned into a limited-edition Vans shoe, released last week. 
To create awareness around the Vans shoe launch, truth and 72andSunny engaged Myriad to create a digital video campaign documenting Kevin painting the mural in Raleigh, NC — an area of the country with higher-than-average tobacco usage rates.
"From the beginning, we knew we had a challenging budget that many traditional vendors and outlets wouldn't be able to support and accommodate. Do we find paid media space to help create the mural and hire a separate crew to shoot and edit?  How many building owners could we get access to in the short amount of time to secure mural space? In the midst of these questions and sourcing alternative solutions, we were incredibly lucky to have a word-of-mouth lead in Raleigh through one of our Creative Director's acquaintances; which quickly led us to Myriad Media. What we really enjoyed about Myriad was for such a multi-tiered and complicated project, they never once expressed any ounce of limitations or hesitations.  It was always very 'all hands on deck' and anyone that had a good idea or lead was able to voice it. They were wonderful collaborators and problem solvers; and we felt well taken care of every step of the way. Just clutch." 
—Art Producer Diana Pam, ad agency 72andSunny
“To watch Kevin work and be able to document that was truly inspiring. Also, creating content that we knew was destined for social media and for such an important cause with truth was exciting. We shot with a series of cameras and used film techniques that were perfect for documenting a fine artist in his creative process. We had to work fast, and inundated our Editor with footage but he loved every minute we were able to capture."
--Myriad Director Joshua Steadman
“This was a true collaboration in every sense of the word and for such an incredible cause. Everyone at truth and 72andSunny were incredible to work with. We had some challenging weather for a few days of the week we were shooting, so we had to be flexible coming up with new strategies when needed. Our Director Joshua Steadman used several film techniques that were perfect for this project and capturing the creative process of a great fine artist at work."
Myriad Producer Shawn Lamons
“I have a friend who worked with Kevin at Anomaly in New York, and I am involved with the Raleigh Mural Project here, which is a community based initiative. When truth wanted to create the Mural here in Raleigh, I asked them if they needed a production company to document the process. Everyone was thrilled to get one company who could curate the Mural, and then also document the creative process. It was an incredible project to be part of, because it encompasses all of the aspects that Myriad is about: social good, art, music, community.” 
Myriad Media Strategist Jedidiah Gant & Founder Raleigh Mural Project
“We were beyond thrilled to get involved with this project from the beginning with truth. It is a perfect fit for Myriad because it brings all of the talents and interests of our team together into one important initiative, and it has a social cause component that was inspiring to us: to eradicate teen smoking. They chose to put this mural in Raleigh, not just because it’s in tobacco country, but also because the national spotlight is on Raleigh right now, for the creative contender it is becoming nationally. Everyone at Myriad is ecstatic to be part of this."
Myriad Partner and Director of Marketing Ricardo Roberts
Screenwork Credits:
Brand: truth®
Project: truth x vans by Kevin Lyons 
Client: truth
Chief Executive Officer and President: Robin Koval 
Chief Marketing Officer: Eric Asche
VP, Marketing: Nicole Dorrler
Creative Agency: 72andSunny
Co-founder / Chief Creative Officer: Glenn Cole 
Group Creative Director: Justin Hooper 
Group Creative Director: Mick DiMaria 
Creative Director/Designer: Allbriton Robbins 
Creative Director/Writer: Beau Unruh 
Designer: Tatchie Blois-Green 
Sr. Writer: Vikram Sharma 
Group Strategy Director: Matt Johnson 
Group Brand Director: Alexis Coller 
Brand Director: Kristine Soto 
Brand Manager: Chelsea Gilroy 
Brand Coordinator: Marie Simoni 
Art Producer: Diana Pam 
Production Company: Myriad Media
Executive Producers: Chris Young & Ricardo Roberts
Producer: Shawn Lamons
Associate Producer: Jedidiah Gant
Director/DP: Joshua Steadman
Camera Op/Gaffer: Kent Willard
Camera Assist: Max Zampieri & Spike Hoban
Gaffer: Ethan Messina
Drone Op: Nowsay (Dominic Sansotta & Zach Burkhart)
Editor: Max Zampieri
Color: Marshall Alderman
Music: Shirlette Ammons
Print Credits: 
Vendor: Myriad Media 
Illustrator: Kevin Lyons
About Myriad:

Myriad Media is a production company based in Raleigh, NC. We’re daydreamers with a purpose. Storytelling runs in our blood, but so does the ability to execute. We believe in doing great work for great brands that we share values with, like honesty, simplicity, and humility.  www.myriadmedia.net