Pulse Music is expanding their offerings to include final mix and VO recordings. Known for their original compositions and licensed music in the advertising, film, and video game industries, this step marks an exciting change for Pulse’s primary New York City studio. The growth was facilitated by a move to a custom built studio in Chelsea.

After 13 years in their Union Square offices, the music production house wanted to create a space that was aligned with their current and future needs. Executive Producer Dan Kuby says “Being able to offer VO recording and final mix capabilities to our clients was a natural progression. Because we know the music we’ve created inside and out, we can seamlessly integrate the VO while scoring to picture, and streamline the final mix. It’s really about using our studio and talent’s capabilities fully, and our client’s time efficiently.”

Featuring a large live room, an A-room with an analogue API console, and 6 composer suites conceptualized by renowned studio designer and acoustic consultant Wes Lachot (who recently revamped Electric Lady Studios), the new studio emphasizes their commitment to the art of live recording as integral to composing music for commercials, films and radio. Owner, Joel Kipnis added: “This is, creatively, really exciting for us and our composers, engineers, and producers. Having an amazing sounding room with a grand piano, drums, you name it, is a dream come true. Finally being able to do piano sessions, string sessions, brass…It’s vital for us to have a welcoming space to compose and record music, and to explore sound in a way that our old space didn’t allow.”

Also precipitating their build-out and move was a desire for aesthetic change... “We want to offer our clients not only the best music, but an acoustically and aesthetically beautiful space to record in, and for us to work and hang out in.” Says Kuby, “While working ‘in-the-box’ has become the norm across the industry, we understand the nuance and depth that can only come from capturing a live performance, being in a session with a performer, and being able to give feedback on the fly.”

This new space allows them to continue their recording and record production work with indie bands, artists, and record producers.

Recently, Pulse Music composers Danny Bensi & Saunder Jurriaans have scored a string of Netflix hits. Their work includes 4 episodes of the sci-fi mystery, The OA, the true crime documentary, Amanda Knox, the presidential biopic, Barry, and The Discovery, a sci-fi romance-noir out on March 31. They are in the midst of writing the music for a new Netflix series, Ozark, starring Jason Bateman.

The duo also crossed over into video game industry with their original soundtrack for For Honor, released by Ubisoft on February 14th.