Ever since the legendary tale of David and Goliath, we know the “little guy” can often pack an incredible punch. Mode Project, a boutique Chicago studio specializing in design, animation and live action, stands tall--even amid towering creative goliaths.  

Mode has been honored with an International Davey Award for a new brand film for innovative tech company LiveOne.  Jimmy Chamberlin LiveOne CEO and renowned drummer of The Smashing Pumpkins and Tim Ganschow, LiveOne Director, hand picked Mode to create a film that carries viewers up and into its immersive CrowdSurfing® experience.

CrowdSurfing®, LiveOne’s award-winning flagship application, is a real-time social viewing platform that delivers an interactive entertainment experience to fans across the world. CrowdSurfing® replicates the crowd and includes features and functionality for viewers, and brands, to engage and interact with each other while watching a show. It brings a new rush to live events, entertainment and global consumer companies like NBC Sports, Budweiser, YouTube, Red Bull and more.

“We were excited to be brought in at the ground level to create the CrowdSurfing® messaging, storyline, visuals and animation” says Mode’s Colin Carter.  The film is designed to get potential media partners excited about the possibilities of Crowdsurfing®.

The Davey Awards are the largest and most prestigious competition exclusively for the "Davids" of creativity--smaller firms that derive their strength from big ideas, rather than stratospheric budgets.

Mode Project helps agencies and brands navigate from the first step of a creative challenge to the finish. Mode’s award-winning film is one of a growing number of “full service,” concept to completion projects.

About Mode Project
Mode Project is a creative innovator of design, animation and live action storytelling. It creates meaningful content for agencies and brands, specializing in problem solving and gaining a deep understanding of client communications goals.  http://www.modeproject.com