The Chosen One, a small, mouthy 20-something from New Jersey, is the unlikely hero in this breaking spot from DeutschLA. 

Surrounded by a serious platoon of soldiers from Bungie/Activision's "Destiny", and set in its post-apocalyptic wasteland, he is about to fight the battle of his life.  But all he seems to care about is eating his Taco Bell Quesarito Big Box meal.  After a Gladiator-like pep talk from the team leader, the soldiers move out.  The Chosen One has his hands full of food, and can't quite manage the giant rocket launcher slung across his shoulder.  As he spins to join them he accidentally fires into an adjacent building, destroying a portion of it, and nearly killing a few of his comrades.  He sheepishly cops to the error, and in a comic reveal, we see that he has not dropped a crumb of his Quesarito.  For the pack shot, we cut to a rocky pod floating in outer space.  It holds a Sony PS4 Destiny Bundle, and a fresh looking Big Box Meal, slowly dropping into the planet's outer atmosphere.

The Mission's Creative Director, Rob Trent,  joined the director (Keith Schofield - Caviar) and the team from DeutschLA in Prague for a week of scouting and shooting in September.  "The factory location outside of Prague was just amazing.  It had the feel of the game, Destiny, from the outset, and we just wanted to ensure we could bring it to life as authentically and efficiently as possible in composite."

The Mission provided VFX, generally, to extend the factory set with iconic game architecture, skies, aircraft, and pyro/atmospheric effects.  "We wanted to put the polish on the detailed work that the art department and wardrobe department were able to do there in Prague."  Props were subtly activated with gunsmoke and glowing panels.  The hero explosion was a composite of shot elements and cg particle work to enhance in-camera pyro that was shot on set.  All product shots were captured on a stage back in LA and the artists at The Mission launched them into Destiny's version of outer space.  Fine tuning color, effects, beauty and cleanup work for final masters was all completed in The Mission's comfortable Venice Flame suites on Abbot Kinney.

"This was our first time working with DeutschLA, and it was such a success.  We all had a lot of fun exploring the creative potential here, and bringing everyone's vision into reality is the best part of the job.  I love to say 'Ya, let's try it.  We can do that!'" said Trent.

The Mission is a high-end visual effects studio specializing in commercials, film and digital content.  It is located in the middle of the pop-culture hub known as Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA.

With the talents of some of the most creative and experienced artists in the industry, working with the latest tools and a top-notch production staff, The Mission is a lean and dynamic powerhouse of a partner to deploy into your creative process.

From concepting, previs, and on-set-supervision, to 2d and 3d visual effects work & design, and on to final mastering, The Mission brings a smart, beautiful and efficient component to every visual dimension of your project.