The Marketing Arm tapped Liberal Media Films for production and charlieuniformtango for post on a new promotional campaign; the Topgolf First Timers Club. Topgolf is a one-of-a-kind golf entertainment experience with seven competitive games and advanced technology to track the accuracy and distance of players’ shots. The 2-minute film is live on the Topgolf website here.

A Facebook campaign managed by Camelot SMM circulated the 2-minute film and three :30 pieces, all of which are on YouTube as well.

Liberal Media Films Director Jeremy Bartel put his comedic talents to work on the hilarious 2-minute film spoofing the myths and misconceptions of “Your First Time: Myths & Misconceptions.”

Jeffery Schmidt, who plays the fictitious Dr. St. Von Powell, is our host throughout the film. He begins educating us on our “first time” on set with a bad ‘90s retro feel. We then transition to today’s modern world as Dr. St. Von Powell continues to teach us what to expect during our first visit to Topgolf. Dr. St. Von Powell (who we are reminded throughout the spot, is not really a doctor – and not a saint) says, “You can always swing by for a lesson to work on your stroke.” He introduces the “First Timers Club” card that “Saves you a little scratch on your first match.”

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