Code is excited to welcome Marco Gentile to the roster for exclusive Canadian spot representation. Italian born Marco studied in Milan and began directing music videos in 2004, before making his way to North America. In 2010, he took home a Cannes Lion for his film for Rolling Stone Magazine. Marco’s passion for photography shines through his beautifully composed images giving his films a compelling unique style. His BMW spot “Manifesto” is currently featured on the brand’s website.

About Code Film
Code Film was formed in 2004 as a full-service commercial production company in Toronto, Canada. Code represents directors Borgato & Bertè, Theresa Wingert, Marco Gentile, Steve Saussey, Steve Green, The Cronenweths, Jason Harrington, Aleksander Bach, Eric Will, Georgi Banks-Davies, Matt Pittroff, Andy Lambert, Geoffrey Barish, Peter Dietrich, Mike Goubeaux, Markus Stummer, Morten Tyldum, Richard B. Pierre, The Apostles, Glenn Martin, Spooner & Bonde, Gaute Hesthagen, Chino Moya, Martin Weisz, Rich Michell, Ronald Koetzier, and Bruton Stroube. For more information, visit