"Magda," a 60-minute documentary film by Beverly Hills-based filmmaker Jason Rem and his REM Entertainment company about Magdalena Kasprzycki, a 93-year old woman currently living in Los Angeles who ran spy missions against the Nazis for the Polish Underground during WWII, will make its world debut during the 2015 Hollywood Film Festival. The film will screen twice: at 3pm on Thursday, Sept. 24, and again at 3:45 pm on Saturday, Sept. 26th, at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood. 
"Magda" is the true-life story of Magdalena Kasprzycki, who is today a breast cancer survivor living a quiet life in Los Angeles. As a Polish woman born into a noble family, she was a teenager while living in Nazi-occupied Warsaw during the early 1940s. Magda was recruited by her brother to become a spy for the Polish Underground Resistance Army. During the World War II, the family lived in fear as Poles, and also because her father was Catholic and her mother, Jewish.
During production of "Magda," Rem and media and interview specialist Elliot Mintz conducted many hours of interviews with Magda. REM Entertainment also added historical content to this documentary, by partnering with global organizations that preserve memories and artifacts of the Holocaust, Polish history, World War II, and Jewish history. Additionally, groups such as the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum also loaned content to this film. The film also incorporates recreations, and comic strip drawings to bring Magda's incredible experiences to life. 
Magda says today, "War is a cruel, horrible imposition for people who want to live in peace. But you have to explain it to somebody - which is really difficult, because you can't really describe it. You have to live it, experience it on your nerves, on your life. It's like a very long nightmare that comes back over and over." Regarding her remarkable work against enormous odds as a spy against the Nazis, she adds, "I don't know HOW I did it...but I did it."
Regarding the documentary, Rem said, "'Magda' is a highly personal story --one that depicts the best of human courage, strength, and love of family, set against a backdrop of the inexplicable horrors of World War II and the Holocaust. We strongly believe that 'Magda's' unique story must be shared, for it is such an incredible, heroic, courageous, and beautiful one, sure to inspire millions. This is the story of one woman's remarkable survival, against all odds."
Credits For "MAGDA"
REM Entertainment in association with The Alma J. Cameron Foundation presents "Magda," starring Magdalena Kasprzycki. The film was written and directed by Jason Rem, edited by Erik McMichael and Executive Produced by Jason Rem, Regina Cameron and Linda Collins. Music by Gavin Keese, Produced by Jason Rem, Interviews by Elliot Mintz and Jason Rem. Historical Video Footage and Stills provided by the USHMMM Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive.